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Boys playing soldiers- a comparison of two images!

Francisco Goya
Oil on canvas
146 cm × 94 cm (57 in × 37 in)
Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain
Two boys on foot carry rifles, whereas one plays a drum and the last holds a miniature bell tower. The lower perspective of the picture enhances the presence of the characters standing on top of a rise. The composition has a martial character, funny and childish. Close up, a cheerful little soldier looks at the onlooker in what has been considered one of the major achievements attained by the artist. Goya often depicts children of different social types, like majos, aristocrats, and others. The yellowish and bluish colour of the work provides a cheerful atmosphere, further emphasized by the faces of the boys. The brushstroke and the illumination render this work a forerunner of impressionism, like other pictures of Goya.
Artiste: Miguel Bolivar Ferres

Year : 2021.

Type: I-phone 12 pro

Dimensions: Six foot two

Location: Puzzlewood , Forest of Dean

Two fully grown men hit each other with broom handle light- sabres. One unadvisedly went for a head shot whilst the other combatant deftly attacks his opponent’s mid- section. Close up the cheerful little soldiers appear to be enjoying themselves immensely despite their combined age of over one hundred years.

Puzzlewood- other forest users

What can be a finer way to enjoy your bank holiday than to chase around a film set with your family and attack them with sticks. Puzzlewood is near Gloucester, in the Forest of Dean. It was of course used in The Force Awakens in 2015 but is better known for the 2021 recreation of the Goya masterpiece!

Not a Ewok in sight!
A warm welcome awaits!
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