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SAGA: Tall tales for the telling!

John G is a crafty soul! He just implants an idea and then like an unwanted weed it just germinates and springs out upon the unwary! I had promised an army a month and that was what I delivered; Scottish, Norman, Hun and most recently Saxons. “ But, it’s now the end of May and so another is due, isn’t it?”

Drat! He’s right!

The conversation had started positively with me enquiring whether John would care to join the Dice Studz on the 4th June to start Freya- day Saga. He has the models and paints but does he have the necessary energy to complete his first minis in forty years? We shall see dear reader…

Ordered Sunday: arrived Tuesday!

For me it was too late. Payday was imminent and the challenge was on. I went for the exquisite Matthew Buckley sculpts from Foundry. They are in Matthew’s “ chunky” style that I really like. They always remind me of those dastardly henchmen in episodes of Robin Hood. I needed four points of SAGA troops for the club night and I reckoned I could get away with thirty miniatures.

Two units of hearth guard Norman armoured swordsmen
One unit of twelve levy archers( treated generously by the SAGA battle board with double range!
The ( young) Warlord and his less than enthusiastic banner bearer! A classic Buckley sculpt
Slightly disappointingly: six and not the advertised eight crossbow men
A dip in the spares box and spear men become crossbow men at a pinch!
The aim!

So stage one accomplished- the figures are safely at home and through customs i.e. the wife/ Fuhrërin. Cleaning up this evening and glueing tomorrow. Will I get an SAGA force together in a week? We shall see? Have you got a pal who works on your subconscious? Roll on the fourth of June.

If you have been affected by the issues raised in this post then please find the answer in drink and women; it’s cheaper!


  1. I’m curious…without including figures, what would be the cost of investing in Saga rules and one of the Saga Universes? Thanks.

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    • Evening Bruce
      The rules are only ten pounds! I believe a codex is about twenty. The battle boards used in the game come with the codices. You can download rulers and markers from saga site. The special dice aren’t essential: you can use blank six sided ones or even normal D6.
      Great fun game though!!!!!
      Best of luck

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      • Thank you sir. I am considering the system down the road but was unsure from the website about the total. You have a great sense of humor and your club looks like a lot of fun.

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      • Let us know how you get on! I’ve just been singing the praises of smaller projects and so this fits the bill. As regards to the club , I’m the sanest member so we are usually in deep trouble!!!!

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  2. I know Badger Games in the US has has some issues with Foundry’s packaging – it’s a real issue, though I do really like their figures.


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