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Is work getting in the way of your wargaming?

(Credit: Piero Zagami and Michela Nicchiotti)

The world of work is in transition. Are you ready?

The world of work is being struck by waves of change. Some are vast and visible – leaps in machine learning and artificial intelligence or the rise of ‘do anything from anywhere’ technologies. Other ideas are just beginning to emerge – like monitoring content to ensure proper gender balance, or rethinking office design to promote air quality. Behind it all are the people whose ideas and attitudes have the potential to shape the next chapter of our lives. Here are some of the things that may be in store for us!

1. 100-year-lifespan
We’re more likely than ever to live past a century. Whether this becomes a blessing or a curse for society and business depends on how much we can prepare for it. Can you really afford not to buy more wargaming figures when you might be gaming with them for over sixty years?

2. 5G
Self-driving cars, robotics and smart cities, to name a few, will be supercharged through the 5G wireless network. It’s the next step in mobile internet connectivity – and it’s here. Almost. Wargaming on our devices? Everybody is doing it now? Total War on the iPhone is eye straining but better than trying to start a conversation with your fellow passengers!

3. Adaptability quotient
In an ever-changing work environment, ‘AQ’, rather than IQ, might become an increasingly significant marker of success. Painting, researching, gaming, arguing. Wargamers are vestibule AQ experts!

4. Algorithmic justice
More machines than ever can recognise us, but they inadvertently discriminate on race, gender and more. I purposely wear a snorkel and fireman’s helmet when photographed on Facebook; it confuses the algorythum!

5. Anti-distraction apps
For better or worse, the internet is an attention-sapping platform. Perhaps an app that blocks, well, almost everything can help you focus. Or you could listen to audio books whilst painting?

6. Autocomplete
We’re starting to trust AI systems to write our emails for us. Is this time-saving tool changing how we communicate? Or just read the email title and delete anything non- hobby after five o’ clock?

#KuToo: a play on the Japanese words for shoes (“kutsu”) and pain (“kutsū”), with a nod towards #MeToo

7. Automated hiring – and firing
AI can screen your job application – the question is whether it should also be allowed to scan your social media, analyse your facial expressions and even fire you. Does your boss know you are a gamer? Does your wife know you are a gamer? Your laptop history knows what you are really interested in; thankfully it’s toy soldiers!

8. Biohacking
Fasting, micro-dosing, supplements, some go to great lengths to boost productivity – even if the validity of such approaches is unproven. Gamers of course will use any beige food group to combat fatigue!

9. Biometric CVs
Wearable tech that monitors physical performance is booming. Whether there is a place for it in recruitment and performance analysis is debatable.

We use a colour chart. When players turn a dark shade of purple it is time to remove them from the table and place them in a darkened room!

Time to calm down!

10. Breathable offices
Rethinking how buildings are designed, decorated and operated could help benefit our health and even our productivity at work. Showering and deodorant should be but isn’t compulsory at tournaments!

11. Burnout
How the idea that we can work harder and be better at everything is creating an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and anxiety from not meeting these high expectations. Don’t compare yourself to the Facebook painters; rather, to what you painted one month ago!

Alternatively, pair up with a really bad painter and mercilessly ridicule their efforts!

12. Car-free cities
Oslo is the latest city to make its central zone car-free. Though some diehard drivers and business owners have been sceptical, the benefits are substantial. True gamers will carry large boxes on public transport. Please remove offensive icons from airport baggage before entering Germany!

Kommen Sie mit ins!

13. China’s 996
The Chinese version of the grind-it-out work culture that tech workers are beginning to rebel against. Gamers started to rebel when it was nine o’clock until five! Sod the boss, I’m off!

14. Co-living
Millennials are trading traditional housing for cheaper, more flexible shared communities. Is this the future of urban living, or house-sharing, rebranded?

I only want a gaming shed. Never mind shared living, just give me a shed…….

The algorithms behind face-scanning technology are inherently discriminatory – the solution lies in the way we train them

The algorithms behind face-scanning technology are inherently discriminatory – the solution lies in the way we train them. If they are slightly overweight and balding, they are welcome! If they have a goatee too, why then they are doubly welcome!

15. Couple inequality
When a couple has children, women spend disproportionate time at home, and men at the office – it will take effort from many sources to balance the scales.

Let the progressive gamer take note!

16. Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding was meant to be about supporting innovation and people in need. It’s now an important – and controversial – source of income for outspoken social media personalities. How better to fill the garage with the very best new must- haves?

17. Deep work
Always being switched on means we never have the chance to think deeply. That is a problem for companies wanting to get the most out of their employees.with gamers, we usually think too deeply and have no problem whatsoever in forgetting work!

This week’s real work!

18. Degrowth movement
Economic growth is leading to over-consumption and climate change. Degrowth argues that shrinking our economies can have benefits. My degrowth mentor is called a wife!

19. Digitial detoxing
If you’re secretly or not-so secretly worried about your smartphone addiction, fear not. An entire industry has emerged to find ways of helping you disconnect.or just turn the bloody devices off!

20. Digital nomads
As remote working increases, more programmes are putting hefty price tags on luxury, wi-fi-fuelled trips – and gentrifying newly popular tourist spots.

If it’s got a bar, a cafe and some 6×4 tables we are happy! And thank God Firestorm Games is back open!!!

Great to see the “ boys” again!


  1. For me work was just an extension of my many hobbies, I always found something in work that would support one of the projects I was on, whether that was just the use of the photo-copier to the ability when working nights to paint up some of my figures or plan a future game or even use the companies computer to write and print items for it.

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  2. So happy to be retired at 58. Well, I really stopped at 57, but had to keep looking as the wife was – and still is – working. I’ve got my elected part time position as Board of Health chairman for the Town, for which I do get a small stipend. But I can say I am far more busy with stuff I enjoy now than when I worked full-time. The pandemic screwed a lot up, but I adapted, and given that I wasn’t running around in hospitals as a pharma sales guy, not working may have even been a lifesaver. I did have my wargaming screwed up, but with my Aztec project I’ve been building and writing for over a year now and near the end. So wargaming has been caffe red, but when the masks are off, watch out!

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