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French paratroopers and the Bhagavad Gita

A hobby with targets? Yuk! However, I’d set those targets and in true Jordan Peterson style, I was going to tidy my bedroom before conquering the world! Within a few days I could actually see the floor!

A tower of plastic, magnificent to behold and there in the foreground, carpet!

Would the reorganisation be without pain? A single cat ensured the transformation would not be painless! I had carefully balanced a four foot wide piece of MDF on top of two smaller plastic boxes. To give rigidity I placed a wicker bin at a forty five degree angle and then rested two Amazon boxes on top of that, for added strength! How was I to know that a cat would see this as the perfect place to practise mountain climbing?

Oh dear!

The results were catastrophic for my renaissance French collection. Not since the battle of Pavia had the French knights looked so battered. Lances and pikes were everywhere but to my amazement it was mostly repairable. As in such cases, as we all do, I reached for my Readers’ Digest edition of the Bhagavad Gita!

Got to love the Old Bhagavad!

“Steadfastly the will

Must toil thereto, till efforts end in ease,

And thought has passed from thinking. “

I’m not sure old Francis the First would have thought about the wise words of the Yogi but the mini disaster spurred me to action. If my renaissance French can withstand a three foot parachute drop then they deserve better. The project this weekend is a new home for these veteran warriors.

So, to all those who are struggling against adversity, I offer you this tale in consolidation. Sometimes fate strikes but it’s then that changes happen. So stage one nearly complete, next world domination!

A survivor beats the drum for Jordan Peterson Room cleaning services!

Join us tomorrow for exciting news concerning Cardiff’s gaming transformation!


    • Well the crash actually got me to do something about the chaos so not all bad! Just got to stick to finishing projects and not leaving them balancing on wicker bins!!!! Have a great bank holiday John!

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  1. Jurjen

    Sure. My goal always was to ‘finish my five era’s’: the lockdown and lack of opportunities to buy new stuff hastened that process. Can’t wait to finish the last bits, paint less and play more.

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    • Glad to hear it; I was thinking along the very same lines myself. When one considers how long preparation, painting and basing takes; actually playing is tiny! Best of luck!

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  2. Ha ha ! Funny that mate! The girls gave me a jigsaw puzzle which I st up on an old card table, three days into it the cat decided it was a great place to spread out 😳amazingly there was little damage to my little piles of pieces and I amazingly finish it with none missing🤔🤓

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