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Wargaming: friendly advice

What state is the front room in my current wife asked? “It may need a little tidying,” I whimpered. “ We could get rid of my daughter’s teddy bears?” I ventured…..

Honestly! Those bears are everywhere!!!!

It’s time to be honest! The Easter reorganisation has not stalled exactly but changed direction. One complete army in one single box was the maxim. Rebase everything that moves was the reality. The rules set of choice, To the Strongest, has morphed to include DBA.

The faithful are leaving me!

It would have been better to stick to the preparation of just one collection, I believe Lenin called it “bending the stick”, putting maximum effort into achieving just one task. Well the old homicidal Russian had this and many other things wrong. How much better to start reorganising absolutely everything, all at once, all in the same small space?

More gems destined for EBay

I know the doubters thought I was being optimistic but the third army ( for March) is nearly done! It may not be the one I started out to finish but a third army nears completion.

The Spanish are going too!

One unexpected benefit has been the number of figures that I don’t actually need anymore. “Need” is a difficult concept to explain to those outside the hobby; sentimental value mixes with long forgotten plans. I went for the plan that the figures must be roughly the same size and/ or manufacturer. The minis may fit another wargames army in terms of time period but are they compatable in design or proportion? Anything which isn’t French and heroic in scale for example is currently on EBay.

Why did I collect twenty light horse?

Most wargamers have a love/ hate relationship with online auctions. We all have heard stories of lots of whole armies bought for pennies. We have all heard of disastrous deals where the seller has been a little ambitious with the propainted label. I’m literally trying to make space for an organised collection; if only my daughter would stop collecting those damn teddy bears!!!!

15mm painted on EBay from yours truly!

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised by the issues raised in this article; either stop buying figures or rent an allotment hidehole and hide your lead pile!

Hope you had a great Easter break!


Oh dear!


  1. Oh mate! so good to see such clutter,I love the way you hand passed it onto your daughters bears!! That’s the first thing I saw and said to the wife the bears have to go!!!

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  2. Oh dear ! I can see the problem, it’s your daughters bears, definitely the cause I would say , nothing else that hoarder Pat , sorry Modelman Pat can see🤣🤣🤣

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  3. I’m sorry to say Mike that I was affected by the issues raised in your post. In absence of a help line number I did a quick Google and found the MFPT – Modeller and Figure Painters Trust. I explained my concerns and was told that under no circumstances should I clear out models and figures if it would adversely effect my mental health, in fact that went as far as to say I should buy more and a prescription is apparently being emailed to me. I mention this only to stop you going over the edge. You are clearly in no fit state to make the decisions you are making, a common theme it would seem which is almost certainly induced by lockdown. Try to get a grip but if the symptoms continue please get in touch with the MFPT, they really were quite helpful. 🙂

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  4. steventhomasnz

    Mike, I reckon you don’t have a problem at all. I can still see some floor space. You can squeeze in more kit. A lot more kit. This is definitely a situation where more is better.

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  5. I understand this point comes to all of us at some point and time. Just why did I buy those figures? Am I really going to paint that army some day? It happens as my wife still has areas to declutter of her own stuff, at least I can point and say I am not the only one. Still this time comes upon everyone or at least almost everyone at some point and the decisions must be made.

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    • Wise words my friend! I have got a tidy garage and shed in my defence! A basement or outside room would be the ideal. Interesting point about buying though- I think there has to be a sweet point between a lead / plastic pile and the excitement of a new project. Buying is unfortunately the easy part of our hobby.


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