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“Tae the Stangest!” Wargaming with medieval Scots

The challenge was an army to be completed a month. It’s the end of Feb and I’ve just got one completely finished and another, the Normans, almost finished. It’s not quite painting from scratch, merely putting all the pieces together for in this first case , medieval Scots.

It’s those big bases again I’m afraid! 80mm wide has become the Tercio standard. This final lot are the lowland spearman. They are Navwar minis in the main and Swiss at that…
Last week’s Galwegians are good for games up to the mid- thirteenth century but these are later. Eight deep spear units for post 1400 games I reckon. They don’t have armour or shield so are definately later warriors.
They will stretch over the whole of my deployment in a typical To the Strongest game and deep spear are so tough. They may even stretch to raw pike at Flodden. One can’t help but commiserate for the badly trained clansmen shot to pieces in the mud!
The above represent the armoured dismounted nobles. To the Strongest allows two units to be upgraded- a chance at least to get to grips with enemy longbowmen.
The Scottish army can have three longbow units of its own but I decided that short bow skirmishes would be more useful; they can fit in the same square as deep units and protect the spear,
The commanders were finished months ago so that’s one army done. Two batteries of guns , Islesmen and a Highlander unit complete the array.
They may not be the most manoeuvrable army but they will surely be resilient. Now I have two days to complete the Normans !

We shall see!

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    • I had lots of half finished armies so this is my attempt to get organised. I’ve played competitions for twenty odd years and this left me with lots of proxies and morphs. I did see that Antidaluvian miniatures now do the exact figures but in 28!
      Thanks for your comment!


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