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Wargaming the Galwegians

The challenge was to complete a wargames army each month of 2021! I’ m a little behind schedule but this latest contingent of Galwegians means I’m nearly there!

The Galwegians originally started out as Sicilian Greeks. The beauty of Essex miniatures is that they and you can proxy miniatures for the period in question. I needed Galwegians and so a reorganisation was in order.
Did you spot it?

Yes, in my world at least Sicilians have dark hair and the denizens of South East Scotland in the feudal period were of course?

You guessed it! It’s funny how genetics are still string North of the border and some Scots are notoriously bad at remembering dates!

The miniatures were quite non-period specific but with their new colouring they should pass muster for Galwegians warriors. To the Strongest allows for five deep units but if you want more than one in a command then they have to be allies. Quite a consideration but indicative of their fractious nature perhaps?
I am now hooked on the Impetvs style basing. I did add cork to the bases to elevate some areas of the base. So the central warrior in the photo above is not some kind of giant!
The figures may well end up as Welsh freedom fighters in our forthcoming re-enactments and I even found one or two leek motifs on the shields but god knows what I meant those to be when they were Sicilians! So it’s back to the painting table to finish the rest of the army.


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