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Wargaming’s dark side

We all know at least one; a gamer who pushes that little too far. The rules are one thing but are you playing to the spirit of the rules? Do you want to play against someone who measures that little too far or is prepared to argue ad infinitum over nuance. Tabletop gamers are not alone.

Vikkstar123 a.k.a. Vikram Singh Barn has had enough. The gaming guru is quitting Call of Duty Warzone because “it’s saturated with hackers.” The cheaters are in the ascendant and have destroyed competive CoD play. Since its release last March, fifty million gamers have signed on to the Warzone. Since that time Activision have suspended seventy thousand players with active bans. Activision has declared a zero tolerance of cheating but why won’t people play fair?

Firstly, it’s easier. The programme for the hack may be complicated but once it’s written, it’s so easy to apply. Do you get the same endorphin rush when you win with such methods? It would appear so. The aimbot has received the most criticism, improving accuracy and speed of target acquisition.  A wall- hack will allow the gamer to see through walls and cover. My old Uncle Gwyn used to just lob his sten gun into houses to see if there was a target inside! Camping has its echoes in tabletop gaming of course; the player hiding from the gun battles and emerging victorious at the close of the name. The ability to heal in super time can also be accelerated. Seventy thousand gamers couldn’t resist.

iLikeCheats has wormed it’s way into the subconscious of a new generation. Is it funny to cheat a worthy opponent of their victory? It would appear so! I wholeheartedly agree with Vikkstar, the only answer is to avoid such players until they find themselves without anyone wanting to play them. Let them claim their laurels and then leave them to their hollow victory. Their style of play says more about them than they know.

I was involved in an altercation on the way into my home last night. I replied to my inquisitor that I wasn’t  “a  drunk.” My dear wife told me not to retaliate and to “be the bigger man! ”

The bully was only five years old but I made a stand. I told him that he was adopted! Well, there are limits!

Miguel Franco da Silva


  1. Most of us come up with this sort of play at some time or other and it is up to us to choose who we are prepared to play with. On an amusing note, however, there was the incident at one organised competition in Cardiff when one of the players who wasn’t succeeding to well in his game accused the opposition of using “non-standard dice”, whatever they were. We had a laugh for weeks on the one as his colleagues from the same club apologised as he was always a poor looser.

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    • Too many anecdotes of toys being thrown out of the pram to relate here! I think actual “cheats” are thankfully rare on the tabletop. They are about though!
      Are you walking the canal this week? We set up a camp by the weir on Sunday; fire and tarp under the snow! I thought I might see you and the wife???

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      • We stay clear of the Taff Trail at weekends, too many people out “exercising”. Currently trying to stick to the rules but as Pughs is our regular Butchers shop we try to get there once a week and then as we are already in the vicinity walk to the weir and back. In normal times we walk from the Green Man at Forest Farm to Pughs for a coffee and a bacon sandwich and the walk back again about once a week. Is it you guys that have the Icecream concession att the wire in the summer? Lots of other walks and places we visit in the week, the Canal and River system in Bath, The Forest of Dean, Ledbury, Abergavenny, Monmouth (there is a good Wargames shop there) Westonbirt , Dyrham Park, Oxford and Stratford to name a few. We just need some semblance of normality to be off again. Back to the serious topic of gaming, I have started basing my 25mm Republican Romans on 6cm blocks and with 2 of those to a unit have just about 300 points. Do you guys stick to 12cm or use 6cm?

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      • I saw that Monmouth had a new store and they run tourneys! I’m always back and fore through Monmouth so I hope it’s still there after ccp- flu!

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      • It should be, run by an ex Para. s you go downhill fro the town, cross the bridge and the shop is on the right just before the corner. Only small at present but lots of promise and worth supporting if you are in town. Check online before going as I believe he has some health problems and if bad may not open.

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      • He ran a Boltaction comp last year. It would be a great run out. For some reason I thought it was by the market square statue of Henry V!
        I’ll add it to list of post Covid trips!

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      • Back in the early 80’s there was a shop at that the end of town selling Miniature Figurines. I used to regularly commute from Cardiff to Manchester when they were building and testing the Mainframe Computers for City Hall and Mid Glamorgan County Council.

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