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Wargaming -dancing in the rain!

It was the Norwegian explorer Amundsen who is credited with the aphorism that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. I always wince when some weather reporter assumes that the whole of humanity cannot stand the cold, or fears rain….

My heart leapt when I saw the scene above. Fixing bicycles was out. I couldn’t be expected to work outside on my mother’s house. In fact the whole day could be spent inside. Amundsen would have been proud of me. There can be fewer great things to do than a hobby you love. It’s always great to have a few bloggers in contact to start the day. A bit of light basing followed and it wasn’t even Midday and I’d finished off four units.

Just to show how regimented I am; a little modelling filled up half an hour. December is going have to be centred on the American War of Independence. I’ve got nearly three hundred to get done but I started on eight command miniatures.

The boys were gaming and unwisely left out their Heroclix miniatures. More of this next week but could I stretch Marvel Superheroes to historical skirmish gaming. Just wait and see….

Three bases of Romans had half an hour of love but the baggage train caught my attention.

God I hate cooking! I say “cooking”, I presented my grateful sons a plate full of chicken nuggets and retired once more to my hobby lair. 

I thought to start drilling out the hands of pikemen but instead started reading Wargames Illustrated. I’d been despairing of printed media but this month’s magazine was a gem. Just as I don’t watch much terrestrial TV, I’ve fallen out of love with magazines; too bulky and replaced by electronic media. Could my luck hold?

My dear wife planned to visit her parents. My luck held. A long phone call to an old friend ( an old friend with no figures!). I had found my second Christmas present. Wofun games from Romania- flexiglass 2D miniatures but by Peter Dennis! I’m in love…

So next time we are promised inclement weather, don’t despair. Your hobby needs you. I feel like I’ve had a holiday. Work has been forgotten and now I can read all through Strictly Come Dancing! My family will get their revenge tomorrow I’m sure!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Best wishes

Stick your gardening! Get wargaming!


    • You’ve reminded me of that Adrian Mole episode when he glues a model aircraft to his nose in an attempt to try glue sniffing!
      Hope your day gets better- just sent to Romania for those Wofun flats- heresy I know!

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      • Roger that- I always thought Flats / Zinnfiguren were going to be a retirement project. I bought a number of those Peter Dennis paper soldier books just for the wonderful paint schemes. Now that our Romanian friends are making ready-mades, I can see I may need some more space….

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    • Thanks mate! I’ve been jumping about between projects but lazily kept the same paints out. It’s funny how you get drawn to the same combinations. Spanish, Romans, peasants and donkeys all get the same colours! Your Aztecs would be beyond me!

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  1. Nearly 300 American War of Independence figures. That sounds like a bit of a project. Which manufacturer are your figures for that project? Sounds like you do get the most out of your time when painting. The Romans look great.

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    • I just bought some very nice Kings Mountain miniatures- great faces and poses. I think not playing many games over last few months has supercharged my love of painting! Contrast paints are eye wateringly good too! I’m getting through multiple bottles and that hasn’t happened ever before…..


      • They really are worth seeking out- I got mine from the Galloping Major site. All the heads are swopable so the variety is immense- and beyond my Maths!)


  2. I don’t believe I have seen the Kings mountain figures in person. I have Brigade Games figures and seen the nice casts by Fife & Drum. I admit I asked for contrast paints for my birthday as I want to give them a try. I have never used them but people seem to like them and get good results. As I don’t get to game with friends either I admit the amount of time I am painting has increased.

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    • The Kings Mountain minis are quite chunky- heavier than Perry or Foundry but not as characatured as Dixon.
      Those Balkan battles look the business. I’m very interested in the Russian Civil war so your games are great inspiration.
      Desperately trying to get my sons to play wargames but the Xbox is too accessible!!!!


      • Perhaps I will give Kings Mountain a look then. They sound good as long as they are not like Dixon.
        The Bloody Big Balkan Battles book has a lot of interesting scenarios and information for a period not often seen. I most likely would play the Xbox also if I had one.

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      • Those Dixon really don’t mix with any other imo.
        I don’t have a home computer – I often wonder if I’d paint so much if I had access to Total War on a PC. The collector in me is pretty well developed though.
        Have a good weekend!


  3. Jonathan Freitag

    Mike, so much going on in this post! One of my gaming friends bought WoFun Texas Independence figures and built an Alamo from scratch. We await a time to give the figures and model a work-out on the gaming table.

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    • Wow, that sounds great. I did see that one of the bigger collections on offer had an Alamo included. As it my favourite site on the whole Earth I will get it one day. Partizan press have just published an interesting book on the Texas war of independence- another Christmas present!
      I can’t wait for the Wofun sets to arrive! The Peter Dennis ones are especially good!


    • Hi Jonathan,
      I’ve got three of the four Vae Victis Champs de Mars series. I love them! Just got Zurich on eBay. Oldmeldrumwargamesgroup do Rivoli for Blücher system . I do like that Simtac game though- found a copy but a hundred and three quid!

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