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Rapid Fire Reloaded- The Bridge at Son #2

Part two of a play through of the brand new ruleset; Rapid Fire Reloaded. All photos from the Don McHugh collection.

We left our gallant American heroes just hanging on to the village as the Panzerbrigade closes in. Top right of the above photo, you can see the sneaky Nazis debus and enter the buildings. The Americans open fire in a desperate attempt to eject the visitors.

With the main attack coming from the South of the bridge, some jeep borne infantry prepare to move to reinforce the threatened sector.

The pressure to the South increases and the American held building takes several hits.

Much needed tank support arrives above and begins to counterattack immediately.

Three quarters of the buildings have been turned to ruins. In the house at the top left, only two figures from a ten strong company remain. The building on the bottom left is occupied by a jeep Bourne medium machine gun . The panzergrenadiers kompanie is also down to two figures, and it’s the second to occupy the exposed position! To the bottom left is the US company charged with defending the perimeter. It was their bazookas that stalled the German halftracks. Note the Cromwell tank that has come to aid the defence.

A lull in the firefight….the Panzergrenadiers’ morale has been shaken and they seek cover outside the ville.

The Challenger tank duels with the Jagdpanzer 4. The dice gods are kind and I can roll double six when it counts!

A debut for the Jagdpanzer and it doesn’t end well!

With the German morale faltering, the Americans assault the last enemy held building.

The assault forces another test to the Panzergrenadiers and they too have had enough. Two ones in a roll to test morale is never good!

But, there are still enough Nazis skulking around to cause problems. The Cromwell is lost to a panzerfaust rocket and a half track mounted flamethrower douses the house in fire. The house to the left of the Cromwell is now completely empty.

Losing the Cromwell leads to a morale check and the Challenger decides to vacate…

The losses to the American infantry have also been mounting , they pass their check but have to leave the burning house. Their parting bazooka rounds severely maul the flamers half track.

With the game in its last move, all the German infantry has been destroyed and all that is left is a Panther tank sat on the road. So technically a German victory but they had paid dearly for the capture! I hope you enjoyed the AAR, thanks for reading and I have promised the Tercio to come to Cardiff very soon!

Don McHugh


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