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Wargaming: Back to normal?

Three months of Lock- down and the Tercio’s games are just one week a  way! But will we recognise the new normal? Already some changes have become evident at the local Gamestore, will you recognise these stereotypes?

Those for whom one game will not be enough….

Those for whom the chance to meet real people came too late perhaps?

Those who are just “popping in to pick up a few things”……..

The people have got really into their role playing during lock-down……

Those who fear a second wave…..

Those who aren’t frightened of CCCP-flu!

Those people who have used four months to get to the bottom of the lead pile…

Those who ” put a last few things” in the attic at the end of lock down…

Those for whom the reopening can’t come soon enough…

Will you recognise the “lock-down haircut?”

Be wary of the over-eager shop assistant- customers at last!

Too much hobby time?
 how did the Lock-down fitness regime go?

“I had so much hobby time, I put started working on some scenary!’

Thank the good Lord, the first signs of the end of Lock-down are evident. If you have been badly affected by this maddest of times then please accept my sincere best wishes. Let’s make the return to “normal” so much better than what went before. Please comment below with your new intentions and plans. Competition news is on its way , plus Despertaferres goes on video and plans for the new club campaign. I would like to personally thank all my regular readers/ commentators, plus all our new visitors and followers. It’s been a mad time but having such a great group has been a fantastic support network!

See you on the tabletop very soon!


  1. Nice post! Here’s to a return to a better normal although it is starting to look like that may be delayed for a bit longer yet. Personally I am hoping to get to a model show or two, Telford in particular, but I fear it will not now be until next year. Time will of course tell.

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    • As I wrote the post I thought how mad would it be if our area went into second lockdown! We have a tourney in December so I’m fingers crossed! Not been to Telford but one new resolution could be to travel to a wider variety of shows.

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  2. Nice one Mike ,need a laugh as we over here go further into lock down! I’m not surprised as we are in winter and this little bug seems to thrive in the cold!

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