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WarhammerGate- are we on the same planet?

Many years a go in a galaxy far away……No, it was Reading actually on a rainy day outside the venue for a Wargames show in the 1980s……Two dishevelled “activists”ask myself and my father not to glorify war but rather join them in dismantling our nuclear weapons and letting us feel the warm embrace of the Soviet Union. My father , who has always had a way with words, questioned the couple’s parentage and then suggested they might vacate the area and seek employment. Ah, simpler times…..

Fast forward to 2020 and the “second Summer of love”, anti- terrorist police are on the streets of American cities after weeks of riots. But have no fear, the hobby of toy soldier warfare is on the correct side. Forums are full of promises to get a more ehnically diverse group of gamers into gaming and Facebook hobbyists are busy repainting their legionaries and  centurions to reflect their ignored African heritage. Are we serious!? Gaming is a niche hobby and will in all probability remain so. The B.B.C. might believe Roman Emporors were black but does the evidence show this? Are we likely to see our local gamestores flooded with new gamers, however and wherever we look for new hobbyists? I wonder if cheaper models would help the surge of new gamers. And then this…..

This has set the hobby aflame. In the lands of goblins and halflings, dark forces are at work. Games Workshop must make the hobby inclusive by excluding those who have been infiltrating the hobby. Who could not look at a miniature Orc and see their designs for genocide!? Who would not see Skaven rat people and immediately associate them with the victims of the Holocaust? Games Workshop obviously don’t want you if you are blind to these underlying truths. They have listened to self proclaimed Marxist gamers ( Yes, they do actually exist!), and they will protect us! They will protect us even when their own writers from the Black Library are at fault and refer to gay Space Marines as not as powerful as heterosexual Space marines.

Note to reader: if at anytime you think I am drunk writing this then please watch Sargon of Akkad’s synopsis on YouTube,  “Why attack your own customers?”

A youtuber called  Arch has dared to speak out. Arch used to be called Arch-Warhammer but our benevolent friends made him drop the second part of the tag. He makes the point forceably, just stop after “Warhammer is for everyone!” No more is needed. If you love the back story, and like painting and playing then there is a great hobby for “everyone”. We don’t need , nor want, far Left politics injected into a fantasy world. I don’t want to be identified with blood thirsty dark elves or forced to seek any affinity with ogres. 

Note to self: in all honesty I would actually buy black legionaries to fight Boudicca, just to show how ridiculous this has become!

After ten days, thousands of people rejected the intrusion of The thought police into gaming. So many emails have been sent, that the GW customer service server actually went down. It maybe a coincidence that a company that has such close ties now with the dictatorship could perhaps pick up some of it’s ways of dealing with dissent. If you value escapism and our hobby then please consider supporting Arch, and many other youtubers and gamers who will not be force fed our politics.

 Rant over!


  1. I like to keep my modelling life a simple affair. I buy what I want and and I paint how I please. I wont be told what I should or shouldn’t do by anyone. If someone objects to half naked Hasslefree females, the absence of black figures in my ranks and no obvious LGBT charachter on display then my answer is a simple one. Fuck off. Apologies for the expletive but the world has gone mad and I have no intention of conforming to such things. Power to the Arch.

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  2. Dude, it has become, as we say in Massachusetts, a total shit show. BLM is a Marxist organization and has hijacked the Floyd murder for its own aims. Corporate lefties are doing as much as they can to mollify the mob, hoping they will be consumed last. The mob is trying to erase history and rewrite it in their own woke image. One of two things will happen. Either the silent majority in the US steps up, and order and liberty are saved in the next election, or they don’t and we relive the chaos of the end of the Third Republic (minus the “visiting” Wehrmacht). I always say, if things cannot continue, they won’t.

    But, let’s end on a bit of mirth mixed with truth

    Cheers as you guys say!

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