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The Despertaferres Wednesday Quiz- modern a.f.v.s

The last quiz of June. This time it’s our modern vehicle recognition. No screens or encyclopaedias to be consulted!

Number One

Number two

Number three

Number four

Number five

Number six

Number seven

Number eight

Number nine

Number ten

Number eleven

Number twelve

Number twelve is not really in the same category as those above but boy do I want one! I also want my own tank too.

Answer below for the esteem of your peers and stay watching for the seven day- six colour painting challenge!

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  1. Bit more rusty on these!

    1 LAV, but can’t remember its M number!
    2 use to be called an LVTP7, but they’ve changed its name now!
    3 I’m going with an M1A2 Abrams
    4 is an M109, A5 or A6 Paladin at a guess
    5 I think an M88 ARV, but I might have the number wrong!
    6 not sure, could be an Oliphant II but I’m thinking Chines or the latest Japanese MBT
    7 a Chinese Type XX tank destroyer
    8 no idea, I’d go with a Russian engineering vehicle
    9 Stingray light tank
    10 Rooikat recce vehicle/tank destroyer
    11 this one could also be the latest Japanese MBT
    12 no idea, but it’s way too clean!

    Should have been able to do better!

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  2. Without google….

    1- LAV25, 2- AA7V, 3- M1 Abrams with TUSK, 4- M109, 5- M988, 6- Arjan, 7- dunno, 8- dunno ,9– M60A3, 10- Rooikat, 12- Something Brazilian?



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