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Firestorm Games

Just a reminder, Firestorm Games are ready for those of you who want a Click & Collect Service from tomorrow from 10-4. 👍
Plenty of time to get your purchases in at It’s great to see our second home open for business again. Where would the Tercion be without Casa Firestorm?


    • We are very spoilt- it’s a massive warehouse building. A good few historical and older players. A lot of GW but a huge amount of card play. Looking forward to my regular nights out though!

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      • Oh man, cool stuff! I have a hobby store near my place but si am yet to dare to take a peek to the cellar where they have a game room. Perhaps your pictures will give me the final push to take a look.

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      • You have me curious now! Are they a bit antisocial? Most gamers are friendly when you show an interest (but some just need a life! ) I’d take a load of your own boys with you- strength in numbers and all that!

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      • Oh, it is me who is more scared of them. Who knows what kind of things goes in that game room 🤔 The community seems to be a lively one though as there are often people marching about in the store.

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      • I always people who March! Especially this last week!
        I’m sure you’ll get into the club scene- you do meet a lot of interesting people. Have you read, ” Achtung Sweinhund” , it’s all about the hobby- a great read!

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