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Naval Wargaming all at sea!

Today we have a gallery submitted by Michael Lane, veteran Tercio member and Jefe of our Newport comrades. He is famous for the detail he puts into his models and they really are fantastic to see on the table. Michael is a regular on the local show circuit so look out for his masterpieces. At the end of the photos are a few words from the brush maestro himself with news of an exciting battle he has planned for this week…..

Michael Lane wrote,

The Galleys and Sailing ships are all Langton miniatures and 1/1200 scale. The WWII Italians and the Convoy are GHQ Models from USA and are 1/2400 scale as are the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. The merchants in the far distance are Tumbling Dice. I bought my first Langton ships at Reveille in the Students Union in Bristol probably in the late eighties/early nineties. I sold my earlier Triton and Navwar ships in the mid nineties, as compared to Langton they were definately second class. I started the Galleys in the mid 2000’s. My first GHQ ships were painted around 2008 – all WWI – and started the WWII ships approx 4 or 5 years ago.I use a free set of Galley rules though have just bought David Manley’s Cannon Cross & Crescent to try out. All my other rules are my own versions though the Napoleonic Naval rules are based in part on the rules from an old SPI board game though I try to ensure proper signals are used. I have several copies of British Signal Books to use. My World War I and II rules are my own devising though incorporating lots of ideas from elsewhere. My U Boat vs convoy rules will rely on Avalon Hill’s Submarine game.

I have some Ancient Galleys which I painted in Humbrol enamels which I stopped using in about 1980!!!
There will be more photos next weekend – WWI Jutland etc. plus some naval aircraft.

Editor’s comment; Thanks for sharing Michael. Inspiring stuff for us younger gamers! We very much look forward to your next report!


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