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Virtus 2020- The Dark Ages 

It was the time of the glorious Byzantine Empire struggling to survive a sea of invaders. It was the time of the Arab conquests for loot and pillage in the name of a new religion. Vikings were everywhere it would appear and the Carolingian Franks were creating the foundations of a new Europe. In this amazing time, our gallant players are invited to compete for honour and trophies across the tables of Firestorm Games in Trade Street Cardiff. It’s 28mm God’s own scale and two hundred points of toys.

All Dark Age ‘Green’ lists are acceptable from the current version of the L’art de la Guerre rulebook. All those list numbered 125 to 171 (no post 1000 AD options), with the following additions (post 500 AD options and no post 1000 AD options ):
#75 Early Arab (Ghassanids only)

#95 Heruls only

#96 Burgundi only

#97 Visigoths in Spain only

#99 Irish & Scots or Pictish only (no Caledonians)

#100 Saxon

#101 Romano-British (Strathclyde Welsh)

#109 Sassanid 

#110 Sabir Huns only

#113 Moorish

#115 African Vandal

#121 Tamil Indian

#172 Norman or Frankish

The Central Organising Commitee of the Cardiff Tercio will be going ahead with booking the venue this week. As usual the much vaunted painting prize will be up for grabs and Ian Speed has already promised to submit a new army. If potential players wish to query the above lists then please contact me before Friday in order to accommodate your request/ hectoring/special pleading😆😳 Stay tuned for the very latest info! We very much hope to see all the regulars and anyone else with a love of history and a dewy eyed recollection of playing with toy soldiers.


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