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Virtus 2019- It’s a sell out!

With over six weeks left to go, we have sold every single ticket for Wales’ premier 28mm L’art de la Guerre competition at Firestorm Games. 15th November is the key dates for armylists to Andrew Whitby and that means six weeks of painting to finish my Bactrian Greek competition winning forcešŸ˜­

And now the desperate pleading starts! My list is below and that means at least twenty minutes of mental energy has been expended. I’m still unsure as to my opponents, save that they are from the first two eras of the armylists. I have gone quite Unwin-like of last year. Slow centre and two wings of heavy cavalry. Mr. Unwin generalled it to disaster as the elephants couldn’t keep up. I will general it to disaster too, I’m sure so advice is needed….

Bactrian Greek army

Corps one

Competent General, three cataphracts and three Bactrian elite light horsemen.

Corps two-  same as corps one!

Corps three

A brilliant general with;

Two bowmen, one medium spear, one elite elephant, three pike units and two elite Cretan archers.

That is one less elephant than the maximum but they are difficult to manouvre. It’s the cataphracts I’m placing my hopes on and I may need to upgrade three of them. On the positive, I have only one elephant and thirty odd cavalry figures to paint. It will be a change from MDF and scatter grass though.
Thoughts and ideas to yours truly . Any help appreciated ( even Iranian)

Next post: English Civil War Royalists!

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