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The Despertaferres Cup Round Two

Come and join us for the next round of this prestigious cojoining of Wargames intellects on Sunday 29th September . The venue is Firestorm Games, Cardiff and the cost is only entry to the warehouse/lgs. Armies are 200 points in God’s own 28mm. Armies and allies to be drawn from the Roman period, from Julius Caesar to the Fall of Rome ( end date for armies and their allies 425AD.#

We already have a fine field of competitors, plus Chris Jackson. Invites have been sent out but please circulate the event to your friends and companions. It is legal to bring two armies if you wish. We can always lend armies to the metally deficient. 

Please note that armies cannot be drawn from Ancient Asia! Apologies.

I would be most grateful if attendees could let me know a.s.a.p. so that Andrew , our technical expert without par, can set up/fix the draw. Modest prize support will be provided by the Tercio as usual. 

Please wear sensible dress and refrain from vaping outside the church next door. 

# any Libtards referring to Common Era will be severely dealt with by the Tercio Inquisition Team. (T.I.T)


  1. Michael Lane

    Does the exclusion of Asian armies exclude the Armenians, Pontus, or the Parthians never mind the Sassanid Persians? That seems to exclude a lot of Rome’s enemies in the period from Julius Caesar onwards. Best regards Concerned of Caerleon

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    • Hi fellah,
      The only ones left out are those in the Ancient Asia section of the Roman Period. So no Hsung, Han, Hsien, three Kingdoms nor Japanese. Sassanids are in the Steppes section so are perfect for example.
      The other Mike


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