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The Art of War- What a difference a day makes

One minute you are basking in the Spanish sun and three hours later you arrive in Wales. See if you can’t spot which is 



It was time to make a swift dash to the hobby room to lift the end of holiday gloom, and avoid the ironing! Inspiration came from the Quai d’Orsai but the miniatures were Blaze miniatures from Lancashire Games. 

They hide a catalogue of errors on my part. The miniatures came with more than the average amount of flash metal. My declining eye sight is getting to be a real pain. I also missed the fact that a few of the reins were broken and was too lazy to fix them. The figures also have rifles and ammo pouches so please look away if you see them on a medieval battlefield. The weapons and shields were beyond me so I left them off.
The confessional continues however…….I cut the Chief’s arm off and glued it on upside down! It is important to show all your failings to your Facebook audience too! Before GW contrast paints came the washes and I’m a great fan. However I undercoated these miniatures with ivory and the camels were done in no time. The trouble came when I went to paint the riders and really didn’t like the contrast paints. I think I will stick to matt black undercoat from now on. Too late for my half finished Bactrian Greeks I’m afraid. Light undercoat means too much work for me.

Anyway they are finished and they should prove a novel addition to my Muslim armies. The bases were the only success I had really. Instead of painting the base mix , I just highlighted the sand and a lot of time and paint was saved. Six elements done and ironing safely avoided until tomorrow.

Thanks for reading- invites to Virtus 2019 going out tomorrow morning by email( gardening to avoid!)


  1. Thanks for checking in to my blog mate ! I have been to both Spain and your beautiful Wales, twice actually, first time in 1978 and more recently in September last year so I have to rule myself out of the quiz . When you mentioned the rifles and ammo pouches I had to laugh as I have gotten away with such things on my dios and had no comments ,and as for gluing thing the wrong way round, that only comes to my notice after I have posted the pictures on my blog ,AH Shit !

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