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Polish Missiles!

This Friday we welcome a certain Mr. Whitby to Firestorm Carpets LGS and Grill. He comes with a certain “baggage”, namely he knows the rules. We frown on people who know the rules of L’art de la Guerre in Cardiff. Unlike the emigre community of Cardiff, Andy’s points values add up! Even hie fields are rectangular for God’s sake! I wasn’t hopeful about the outcome of tonight’s game. I returned to my old favourite, Medieval Spain, all elite knights and fast paced jinetes.

Senor Whitby was wise to my elitist Knights, he brought warwagons ( and no one understands those rules, not even brain box Fry) and crossbow armed cavalry. Plate armour is reduced to the same protection as a wet loincloth. Confidence was ebbing.

Warwagons would absorb my charges. Crossbow bolts would unhorse my proto-tanks from a distance and even the woods were filled with double handed axe wielding foresters. Deep joy…..

Corner sitting is never an option, I could dismount but I’m Spanish and real gentlemen never dismount! The advance to contact was slow…

Sure enough the Poles were intent on using missile fire. My jinetes did catch one mounted archer but the weasely mounted crossbowmen were gaining my flank. 

Hope lay with my footmen and when you are relying on mediocre foot, you know you are in trouble. Bow/ axe units started shooting ,aided by the warwagon…..

All I could hear was chortling from my opponent’s side of the table. How many ways can you stop a knight charging, eight at last count….

It had been a masterclass in how not to play against an East European medieval army. Mr Whitby has promised/ threatened to be a regular visitor on a Friday and I seriously need to up my game. Don and the Clevedon Nomads are also lurking so I may need to take up chess😭😭😫 

Back to DBA this Friday so stay tuned for more cussing and dice blaming!


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