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French Leave

Five weeks with little to do except work, proper work. How many sadly neglected blogs blame ‘real life’? But, this is the Tercio’s blog so we can’t blame work commitments, rather we choose to probe deeper…….Yes, only yours truly would blame existential angst as the reason for lack of hobby progress but it all started with a trip to Paris….. 

It was Nietzsche who warned that removing religion from society would have devastating consequences. If notions of good and bad are removed from the world, what happens? How does one orientate oneself. In the Quai d’Orsai there was lots to inspire. The “Grand Machines” were truly captivating….

However, the shock came when in the same gallery was the masterpiece below.

I was inspired! You may recognise the work of Tracy Emin, what a talent I thought, I needed to see more of her work. What use colour and spectacle, beauty? The sensations kept coming……( excuse the smutty reference, dirty cow!)

What is the point of painting things of beauty when such works speak to the multitude? I immediately recreated Tracy’s art in my hobby room. I call this one, ” Oh dear, perhaps I should have stopped tidying”

The visit to the Louvre left me unmoved after Tracey’s input. Thankfully two other sights helped me regain my senses. Standing proud on the side of the Louvre stands Desaix, the real architect of victory at Marengo if he had lived. When senior British officers are sent for Equality training and our navy hasn’t enough ships to defend our interest, you know that the old God really is dead and we really don’t know up from down. We need heroes…….

And across the Rue d’ Rivoli I found a spiritual home. There on the Rue Collette was the end of my flirtation with Libtards. A shop filled to the rafters with the most non-politically correct representations of xenophobia and patriarchy, and I loved it…

Stuff your new gods, I was back with a new aim of glorying in what all supermen like us need, something to believe in. Those piles and piles of figures in the back room are no longer an encumbrance. Rather they are stepping stones to the creation of a bright future. There just are a just rather a lot of steps between animal and God! Thanks for reading and get ready for increased amounts of pretentious twaddle over the next few weeks!


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