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Border Flurry

Being Welsh it must be accepted that the longbow was our creation. Being a generous folk, we gave our wonder weapon to our dear friends, the English. Being fed up with incessant Scottish invasions, our English chums set out to invade the land of tartan, shortbread and Chinese tourists. Our chosen ruleset for this epic reconstruction was Kings of War historical, a knock about set of rules for such a not too serious clash.

The brave English army comprised five regiments of longbowmen (ten attack dice but only three on defence!). I went for the cheaper option of billmen, rather than dismounted Knights, four regiments. The army was led by a single general and his accompanying hero. The hero would have to be called Llewellyn to represent the gallant Welsh missile troops. Two regiments of hobilars would attempt to guard our flanks and protect our wagons from ginger interlopers. We also brought cannon from the Berwick arsenal.

Despite the Scottish reputation for financial caution, Jon Mc Gallacher chose two units of Knights! No wonder he was looking nervous, all that money invested in finery. The King would also have two regiments of dismounted Knights, on the end of his line rather than spread throughout his five units of spearmen. The Aulde Alliance also provided King John with two units of Geonese crossbowmen. These are hampered by being unable to move and fire in KoW.

The combination of bow and men at arms was my chosen tactic. Missile fire is deadly in this system and sure enough the Scottish spear units were already in trouble in turn one. John was without a care however as he continued to advance and spend time bringing his nobles to the opposite flank.

A combination of longbows and a lucky cannonball strike did for the Geonese mercenaries. Against Knights they would have been of value but they were outclassed by the Welsh supermen!

As the Scot line advanced still closer, the cannon fire was even more effective.

The Scottish spearmen had taken a battering by the time they reached the English line but they were determined to extract revenge! My frugal chancellor had relied on the man at arms and the Scots were more than a match for our hirelings.

On the English right, the mounted hobilars were effective in holding the dismounted Knights but behind them came their mounted cousins.

As the English hobilars sensed victory, their illusions were shattered. The wily Scot had brought his mounted Knights up and the result was devastating. The lesser armoured border troops were hit from all directions.

It had been a great evening. Honours were about equal with regard to the foot losses but the English right wing was in danger of being rolled up.

King of War is a great fun game. Our next plan is to adapt the rules to other periods, not mentioned in the main rulebook. Total War is the inspiration so don’t expect too much in the way of historical accuracy but the battles are fast and brutal!


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