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Anniversary Ambush

Which city finally fell on the 29th May? It may have been 1453 but it still upsets the Greek members of the Tercio! What better way of marking the anniversary by creating your own mini dioramas of the fall of Eastern Christendom?Of course they would  be equally at home in a recreation of Feminist revenge at King’s Landing.

Clue One above and very angry Queen upsetting the patriarchy below ( Go girl!)

Two sources of inspiration then for this week’s project; a devastated city scape and the need to hide elements of my wargames army. We are planning a Fall of Rome campaign day here in Cardiff ,and to be in keeping with the theme ,I looked for suitable battlefield scatter. Greenstuffworld on eBay provide a range of fallen heads and columns.

Whilst pretending to be fixing the car, I gave the models a quick spray of grey primer. I then dry brushed them with the suitably named ash grey from Armypainter. do the bases with severed statue heads. Great service from this company, a Polish outfit that got me the models within three days of ordering.

Vallejho Sky grey and white were then drybrushed over the models. Pure white reserved for the final highlights.

The Greenstuffworld heads really don’t need more than that. The broken columns and Fenryll arch will be going on bases for my new Late Romans but the heads I used as L’art de la Guerre ambush markers. I wanted a barbarians at the gates sort of feeling….

The alien lab bases will be on the new figures but I hope you like the finished ambush markers. Hopefully my opponent will concentrate on the lost artworks of antiquity and not realise that my auxilia elite swords impact are waiting to revenge the Fall!

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