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Rebels and Patriots- the shape of things to come!

I’m always envious of those people who can multi-task. You know the sort of person who puts us all to shame by chasing promotion at work, whilst restoring a house and carrying on an affair! Well I can’t I’m afraid. The last week has been one of basing wargaming figures and that is, how do you say, tedious in the extreme.At the local Crusade show, I picked up Rebels and Patriots by Michael Leck and Daniel Mersey. Building on the success of earlier titles, these books are the very epitome of what I look for in a set of rules, playability and fun. The downside was rebasing nearly three hundred figures.

I went for slightly larger bases than the standard, although the game is easily played with single based miniatures. The only thing to do was to set up a production line. I put out the discs and use Pollyfiller to fix the Woodlan Scenics ballast. The colour before was a ghastly bright green but that will just have to be screened by flocking and the ubiquitous tufts.

The great thing about our modern age is of course that you can do something else whilst performing mundane tasks. I decided to annoy my neighbours by blasting out the Dropkick Murphys on Sunday morning! Even I was taken aback by the scale of the task. As you only need sixty miniatures or so, I think some of my veterans may head to the great eBay hobby recycling site.

Once dry I’ll drybrush the bases but that will be it. I’m also rebasing De Bellis Antiquitatis armies at the same time so sand and MDF has been the theme of January. I’ll post these “new” armies this week. I really want to go back and play more DBA games this month to get writing on our own ruleset. Meanwhile apologies for a less than inspiring hobby blog but a necessary evil I’m afraid. I do wish I hadn’t bought sixty miniatures in exactly the same pose though………


    • Strange day today, family all away and it seemed ” quiet, too quiet…”
      Car broken down and ran out of filler or I would have them finished.
      May actually paint something other than bases this week!!

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  1. Don’t ebay them they look too nice for that – just play bigger games. We have had success with much bigger than normal ‘Pikeman Laments’ games so I’m sure it will work for these rules as well. Multi-player games work well as with the Rampant rules

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  2. Thanks very much old boy. I’ve already got my eye on 15mm replacements! Embarassingly I can make a 24 point force out of the Pennsylvanian figures alone!


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