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Boxing Daze

Our Christmas Day message was the three hundredth post on this much maligned blog. The Christmas haul fitted neatly on the arm of my chair, thank the good Lord that I had prepared for such an eventuality by gathering “gifts” that people “would have wanted me to have!”As if fourteen thousand views weren’t enough of a gift from the blogosphere, there are plans afoot to raise the already frantic level of activity that we can hopefully enlist some of the now vast readership into.

I wish I was the sort of person who could gain sollace and comfort from pictures of shrubs clinging on to coastal rocks, or else footsteps in the sand? The clan did venture into the Beacons this holiday but the boys were busy throwing rocks at a carelessly abondoned burnt out Ford Focus and then their cousin slipped on the rocks. Ah, to be at peace with nature…..

Nevermind Budha and Ghandi, you and I are made of sterner stuff….

“Orient yourself properly. Then, and only then, concentrate on the day. Set your sights at the Good, the Beautiful and the True, focus pointedly and carefully on the concern of each moment. Aim continually at Heaven whilst you work diligently on Earth. Attend fully to the future, in that manner, while attending fully to the present. Then you have the best chance of perfecting both.”                                            Jordan B Peterson

The orientation process begins this holiday period. Whilst die Fuhrerin is choosing floor tiles I made for my “daughter’s room”………..

The old Canadian Peterson may have some stern words for such a scene but plans are underway to bring order to the chaos. By the end of the holidays, the American Civil War project should have reached a milestone, all existing troops based  (including some reinforcements on their way from France- Forgotten and Glorious miniatures. The rules are of course using a Blucher variant by the superlative Oldmeldrumwargamesgroup

Don’t lose heart, we intend to revivify the wargaming world with the revelation of what the wargaming world needs is another wargaming set of rules! Don’t scoff! The plan is to develop a set that can act as an introduction to the hobby. My main concern was that the current sets are still too onerous to get new blood into our hobby. As my old grandfather used to say, ” who wants to go balls deep into ten manuals before jumping into bed!”

DBA and Impetvs are currently being scoured  for ideas, with a healthy dose of Aurelian and L’art de la Guerre. The first army to get the makeover will be my Hun host so keep reading in the New Year. Basing miniatures has been the biggest chore in December but the painting table still has; Classical Indians, Medieval Germans, Lorrainer allies, SAGA Normans, Venetian archers and two elephants!

After two hours I could see the floor and stage one of the operation was complete. Tomorrow I’ll start the process of writing the timeline for our movement’s new project. And if by magic, there on top of a bookcase was another English Civil War regiment I.e. In addition to the two Pikeman’s Lament forces that need basing. I urge you too to review your schedules and join me once again in another year of roller coaster excitement! Five thousand visitors can’t be wrong! ( Except that visitor from the Far East who keeps looking up photos of an American “actress”😡😳)

God Bless those who keep their rooms tidy!

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