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Firestorm Games Historical Tendency- Friday nights will never be the same again ( hopefully)

It was Mr. Gallacher I think who came back from a local show and described how Cardiff now had its own very own Gamestore. Sure enough Firestorm Games had set up in Trade Street Cardiff and the rest is history. Very quickly a number of us came together to play historical wargames amongst the space marines and wood elves. Soon after we fell into organising weekly games and it wasn’t uncommon for ten or twelve players to be gathered around a multi- player game.

Well we entered a golden period of gaming and the projects started to roll in. And then the projects became too diverse for some, too expensive for others. Some didn’t like the noise, some didn’t like the fact that more people were playing historicals and not space elf battle. One particularly bad tempered elderly attendee just brought spite to every game. The golden period ended. 

So, what to do? Slowly momentum has been building and we are starting again. We have a Facebook page ( Firestorm Games Historical Tendency)and feel free to drop in if you are ever around on a Friday evening from five at Firestorm Games, Trade Street Cardiff. On the FB page you will see the main areas of interest for the group and an attempt to put together a calendar, initially up to Christmas. 

After much soul searching, my final list of must finish projects is;

L’art de la Guerre Ancient and Medieval – 15mm and 28mm. To the Strongest also looks fun and can use the same miniatures.

For King And Parliament ECW 15mm and a forthcoming Italian Wars variant

The Pikeman’s Lament- basing carrying on a pace ready for forthcoming game before Christmas.

Daniel Mersey and Michael Leck have also been busy writing an Osprey set of rules for the AWI entitled “Rebels and Patriots”. As above and below, if the set is anything like their other efforts then it wouldn’t be very onerous to learn the system. This may eclipse plans for Sharpe Practice which doesn’t seem quite so accessible.

28mm Napoleonic and American Civil War using Sam Mustafa’s Blucher and Black Powder Two.

15mm World War Two with Flames of War version four, championed by Chris T and Pete, or Squad Leader Miniatures Game. Bolt Action 28mm too if we ever see Giac again!

If these or any other system grabs your attention, then feel free to join us.

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