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Napoleonics – A painting challenge

Some projects start well and fade. Some projects slowly mature. Painting a Napoleonic Wargames Army is something else. My regular reader will remember that we were settled on Sam Mustafa’s Blucher rules at the smaller Demi- brigade or regimental level. The Field of Glory armylists are brilliant at providing organisational details. Even the Pakistani Officer Training college have information on the tactics and strategy of mountain warfare circa 1800. But, the catch dear friends is painting the miniatures. My new modellers lenses have helped but at the cost of social stigma amongst my neighbours. I’ve still to paint any artillery, the cavalry are covered but I still need about six more infantry units.

I’ve included below my guide to painting the French infantry- it’s not a definitive guide but hopefully it maybe if some use.

Black undercoat from any garage repair shop – this may need touching up.

I then work on the flesh areas, the usual Vallejo triad of deep tan, dwarf then elf flesh. My new glasses arrived in the middle of this processs, leading to a large number of repairs. Picasso would have been proud of my pre-lenses efforts.

Bicorn, bayonet scabbard and gaiters get black grey Vallejo 862.

White areas are covered in 989 Sky Grey, mix 50 / 50 Sky Grey and white, then pure white on the top creases and folds.

Uniform is Prussian Blue with Argrax earth shade over the top.

Red areas are base coated Games Workshop Khorne red then Vallejo 909 Vermillion. GW Evil Suns scarlet on the very tips of plumes and edges.

The muskets are 70846 mahogany with 70818 red brown.

I also use a mix of Brown’s on the backpacks just because I like the wavy patterns of cowhide I guess.

Brass and GW gold goes on the buttons and, if you can still see, just add flags and basing. Hopefully the Austrians will be easier! If my resolve and bank balance can stand it I should be finished by Christmas. Good luck and death to Tyrants!


  1. Many, many years ago I did some Napoleonic figures but never done any since. Looking at yours and reminding myself just how colourful the uniforms of that period were I’m wondering to myself why I have never returned to the period, even if only briefly. Something else I ought to add to my to do list!

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