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Virtus Training Daze

Sometimes it’s great to play a newbie to the hobby. With their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, the new player can be welcomed into the magnificent world of miniature warriors. This week Chris was “playing”  and he has neither enthusiasm   nor eagerness to learn. His keen tactical awareness is of course legendary and so , for our younger viewers, our top team analyse all that’s new and dastardly in the cheesy world of competition gaming…..😆

The scene was set, two steep hills were chosen by yours truly as potential islands to hide from Chris’ Assyrian chariots. The Assyrians are proxying for the Chinese of Chris’ Virtus army. An unconventional two hundred and twelve points gives Chris a powerful wing of mounted troops that he sent out wide on the flank. I borrowed a scratch army of Macedonians and was a little perturbed to note that only one of my corps commanders was above ordinary, and only competent at that. We duly checked Chris’ dice were kosher and set to battle.

The first time I had used the so- called ” Death Star” of elephants and medium foot. Once in the rough ground I could dare Chris to attack but, he had other ideas- the “50/50”. I think my commander has been a little generous with the vino!

Place two shooting units opposite the opponent and claim that they are both shooting the same target. Cheese rating 3!

My response was to flank the Chinese light horse and they soon were taking hits. L’art de la Guerre is brilliant at creating devastating skirmisher fights. Chris brought his mounted arm forward but wouldn’t move against my elephants. My archer foot skirmishers were in range and we then spent fifteen minutes “investigating” Chris backwards movement without taking a disruption loss. It costs two command points, one loss of cohesion and a lot of puffing from the other side of the table.

Look carefully at the 1960s phalanx moving into battle? Look closer because I was commanding and decided to turn it around and head for my baseline. Chris was spending valuable points on sending light horse through marsh and forest to get to my camp. However, despite him reading my list for good twenty minutes, light horse can’t capture a camp. How he laughed…..

My Thracians in the centre spotted easy victim in the shape of levy. I couldn’t claim the advantage of fighting in the rough but a two handed cutting weapon is a great asset! Heroically Chris wheeled a heavy swordsman unit within an UD of the victims and lost another point. Despite bending his metal rods, it was still less than an UD!

By skillfully pushing his figure bases underneath the terrain piece Chris was able to motor through the forest. The Chinese skirmishers were hurting me but my Companions were coming to the rescue.

We spent a happy twelve minutes discussing if his evading skirmishers could rout through my pike block. Then Chris remembered that skirmishers could evade towards their baseline! They couldn’t and were ridden down.

Three and a half hours had passed slowly. This was my first time I had used a Macedonian army and I like it. My own painting of Bactrians is progressing but this victory looks positive. My phalanx will be smaller but I will have five or six Iranian cataphracts which would have allowed me to take the battle to the enemy to a greater degree. My thanks to my noble opponent and my thanks to the reader. Remember on entering a competitive game, ” keep calm and read the rules!”


  1. Mark

    Was your Camp fortified?
    If not, the LC can take it.

    Also the 2 units in front of one is actually hard to achieve, especially as illusteated in your photo. He’d have to have both units to each had exactly half its fron in front of the target unit. That is tough to achieve.

    You should use the Death Star offensively. Especially against cavalry.


    • Thank you Masser….

      Yes, I’m afraid Recruit Jackson was using a light horse unit that got pushed off the table by my retreating/advancing to the rear phalanx😗
      Hmmmmm, there was so much plastercene base and “hair”, I gave him the benefit of the doubt as to whether he was indeed in the exact middle. I did take exception to him then ganging up on my elephant😫😳
      God my painting is slow😂😅

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