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Reading Matters

It may not have escaped your notice that the big tech corporations don’t just want your money, they want you to know that they have a social conscience. They want to be ‘disruptors’, organisations that want to upset the established order and bring about “progress”. And if you read the list of this year’s Economic Disruptors of the Year Awards, you might notice that dear old Slitherine Wargames developers are amongst those nominated. In an effort not to be outdone and to join the social media revolution, I thought we might share the latest viral challenge to a wider audience. You just need to post the following on Facebook and challenge your pals. It really is quite illuminating….

Today is day … ( add number one to seven)…….. of the book cover challenge. I’ve been challenged by Tercio Despertaferres to post the covers of 7 books I love, one book a day for seven days. No explanation, no review, just the cover. Each time I post a cover, I’m to ask a friend to take up the challenge. So today I challenge …….( add name here….)

Here  are   mine in no particular order……

Many years after it was published, I got hold of this classic. The illustrations have a charm and a style all of their own.

I picked this one up in Texas and have now read it at least three times. The writing is so full of well researched details. It makes for an exciting read and was also the basis for my holiday packing- i.e. the belongings of each family member gets mixed in each suitcase. In the initial US landings in North Africa the loss of one ship lost all the invaders’ radio equipment! Who would of thought that world war logistical failings could help the modern holiday maker?

The above was the first of some of the oldest books in my collection. As a boy I loved the illustration both in this tome and the accompanying Greek and Roman Armies. The colours are so vibrant and full of action. I still regularly glance through this one.

I picked up the above classic from Swansea Model shop, many years ago. I remember then that it cost the massive amount, to a teenager at least, of thirty pounds. James Churchill pointed out last year I think that it was worth a lot more before a reprint was released. Many hours were spent copying these illustrations. Another classic bought at this time was Medieval Warfare by Koch. The cover for that one has long been lost so you will have to be content with the image below. Surface to say I have always had an interest in Medieval figures…..

Book six was also from the medieval period. As the blog title suggests, the history of the Catalan company is especially dear to me. The double dealing and action is all the more breathtaking when you realise that all the events actually happened.

The book that resonated most with  my Facebook friends was my final choice. If you have not read it, then you really must! It is the best single insight into our mad and addictive hobby that I have ever come across. It is absolutely hilarious ! Please share the Facebook book challenge with your group of intimates and let me know what your seven would be!

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