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Green Screen Redskins

My old grandfather used to call television, “the idiot’s lamp”. That was why perhaps he lost his job as Director of Programming at Welsh Television. When my youngest son sent to Hong Kong for #StikBot Zanimation studio, all I was worried about was the eight pounds of my money he wanted to send to the other side of the world. I didn’t even like answering the phone when I was eight for Christ’s sake. But hang on a moment, there is potential there for us wargamers. My daughter still has her reservations about her 2007 Christmas present. It wasn’t that PlayStation Two wasn’t a good present for her, it was more the choice of  Warhammer Dawn of War, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. She definately suspected a hidden motive in the purchase……

One week after the order, Reg the postman left the well travelled parcel behind our bin, a place of honour for many wargames armies over the years. Within ten minutes, my eight year old was making his own movies. Three hours later, I had mastered adding photographs to a background. The film’s may have to wait but I am impressed with this simple App and studio.

My other grandfather was the inventor of hi- vis jackets for soldiers of the First World War. They never caught on but don’t be afraid of the Hong Kong based media revolution that is StikBot. Anyway, see what you think….The start of my Sharp Practice American Revolution force, be kind!

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