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Attack 2018- The Earth destroys its fools!

It was Sunday and the faithful were worried. A victory over the Byzantine infidel had been followed by a loss to the barbarian Vandals. Next up came the heretical army of Al-Abbas ibn Adb al- Muttalib, a.k.a. Steve Hacker. Regulars will know the name, he of the careful deployment and even more careful gameplay. The opening few minutes didn’t look as if Al-Abbas ibn Abd al- Muttalib was going to change his ploy anytime soon! The Banu Hashim clan ensconced itself between two hills and waited.

However, the forces of Khalid were not as hungry for battle as they once were. We may have a closer bloodline to the Prophet but we weren’t ready for martyrdom just yet. Then horror of horrors, the Abbasids sent out their cavalry to roll up Khalid’s left wing. The sand-dune would be some protection but the Abbasid horse was bow armed, they could safely shoot away my skirmishers. Heavier troops were needed, to shore up the wing, and that meant proxy- elephants!

The defenders on my left had to withdraw. To cover the troops falling back, my Mubarizun were sacrificed to gain time.

Just in time, the Abbasid Bedouin scouts sought a gap but were killed in the attempt.

The Abbasid cavalry attack had been thwarted and hung back to shoot from a distance. The Abbasid centre started to roll forward. The enemy cavalry had a new role, provoke the charge of the Faithful. My impetuous warriors were being drawn forward by skirmisher attacks so that the Abbasid cavalry could roll up the unprotected flank.

“When Allah decides a matter, it is done!’

The pot of war was boiling fiercely and it was time to charge. The Abbasid Afghan hillmen could hold my charge but the effette Abbasid spear were not a match for the Unsullied. Led by Khalid himself, the game ended in bloody stalemate.

“I am the son of many chiefs,

My sword is sharp and terrible!’

Game Four would be against Colin. Knowing that he would be facing the Faithful, he had been cavorting in the most unseemly shorts, around the hall for most of the weekend, receiving lustful and sneering looks in equal measure. He placed his mixed units next to his World War Two bunker camp. Two corps off elite Byzantine impact and bow horsemen were his main weapon ( not including the shorts!)

I thought that this would be a one sided game. My Believers would be merrily shot down by the Byzantine supermen. But, Allah be praised, the hated and evil infidel was not content with bows. His cavalry wanted to chase my skirmishers and floundered in the dust…

Not wanting to face the Faithful, Colin’s cavalry were even discomfited by the ponderous charge of the camel proxies. Caught whilst fleeing is never pleasant. On the other flank, the Byzantine lights were outnumbered by the Believers bows.

The Byzantine horsemen were falling back in groups and it was time for the Mubarizun to attack the Infidel’s foot.

Khalid was uncertain but the attack went in. Historians may seek in vain to find out just what the rebel yell sounded like but it surely could not have been as shrill as the bleating of my opponent. Having spent a surplus of manouvre pips on trying to – place Varangians in the centre, mixed units on the flank and skirmishers out of the way, led to an overlapped position that just disappeared. The demise of the Varangians was especially heartening! Blaming his dice, the Byzantine infantry folded but it was also the last gasp of the Faithfull- mutual destruction. Colin would have to spend all the following week in his “office” blaming the dice…

So, the weekend ended with martyrdom. Mid table mediocrity is a cruel description but all four games had been great fun. I heartily recommend the competition to anyone and the show itself  goes from strength to strength too. Thanks to Colin for organising and all at Devizes wargames Club for another great weekend.



  1. Unfortunately the Faithful only received a handful of raisins and not the promised seventy two virgins- scarce in Devizes apparently- the virgins, not the raisins!
    Thanks for reading!

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    • So true! I always get a little nervous when players get so worked up😁 But then a string of poor dice and I sit their Zen like and contemplate taking up rollerblading or fly fishing😫

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      • Louen

        Lol, hate to tell you this, but you’re too old for rollerblading – I am too – and we’d all miss out on these very entertaining battle reports 😉

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      • Ann

        I chalk it up to the attentions of a jealous/rival/capricious/etc. god and like you contemplate certain Eastern philosophies. “The sounds of dice that roll without rolling.”

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      • I love having intellectuals like you visiting this blog! I tend to go for armies that follow the maxim, ” kill them all, God will know his own!”.
        Martyrdom optional!

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