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SAGA II- a wargames army in two weeks; week four!

The modern trend for smaller, skirmish style games has much to recommend it. Within a relatively short space of time, the gamer is up and running. Outlay costs are less and compare favourably with alternatives like drinking heavily or taking an evening class. Two weeks came and went but now, after four weeks, my Saxon force for SAGA is ready.Β 

The heart guard of Cedric’s Saxons are meant for closing with the enemy in double quick time.

The heart guard of course rely on their stout yeomen to form an impenetrable shield wall. I love these sculpts by Foundry.
Amongst the Warriors, is my personal favourite….

I need to add double handed axes and some kind of missile troops but until then we shall have to rely on the humble spear!

The Little Big man transfers take a little blending in but I’m beginning to get the hang of them.

First game with these tonight- isn’t it funny how you always lose with new troops but they are finished! Vikings or Normans next- those Foundry boxsets are adictive.

Drink and be Merrie! More from Devizes next post!


  1. Ann

    Very nice looking force. Win or lose the actual battle with your eternally regenerating forces (after all, they can always try again next game … Valhalla?) there is something of a victory in having said forces look good.

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