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The Lost Viking – Welcome to Wails!

It is a telling question to ask oneself, “just how do others see me?”. My regular reader will know that I stand God-like against a see of foes but how true a picture is that? My last blog post had moved into ‘lifestyle’ issues but today I thought I might venture back, however unconvincingly,  into film criticism. As a man of a certain age, I often find myself searching for titles in the under five pounds section of my local supermarket. Tonight’s offering from the ASDA ‘film club’ was ‘The Lost Viking’ released in May 2018, and might have earned the reminder ‘ straight to D.V.D.. However, in light of my introductory comments, how refreshing it was to see my home area shot on film. As we follow Vitharr the Viking through South Wales, one could not help but feel a tinge of pride.

Ninth century Vikings come ashore at Southerndown. 

The film’s opening ‘chapters’ are enchanting. Real Rosmary Suttcliff style, boys’ own stuff as Vitharr escapes a Welsh ambush and heads inland for safety. The action is really well done and it’s really illuminating to see Dark Age Welshmen depicted. The lost Viking is heading for Haverfordwest and his uncle, and safety…

Above, the safe haven of Haverfordwest ( Haaverfjord Vest) 

Dean Ridge ( Vitharr) and his nemesis Ross Hennessy ( Wyman) duel through the forests of the Vale of Neath. The history starts to jar as the film progresses, sex and drug crazed hippies appear, only to be cut down by the near obligatory ‘ lost legion’. The gladiators’ arena is the shoddiest palisade overlooked by a dreadful ‘Crassius’ and his ” Romantic barbarians”. The film is at its lowest at this point! If only someone, anyone, had proof-read the box-art and not given employment to every reenactor in the gladiatorial combats that go on for far too long.

“For Thor’s sake! Not another S4C extra!”

Plot and history recovers as Vitharr escapes and discovers the dastardly plot. I have to admit I did enjoy the film but please no more “lost legionaries”, it’s the ninth century! 

Legion, Arthur, Lost Legion, Romantic Barbarians………honestly how could so many get lost?

So there you have it. Not a film to take too seriously but entertaining. Six point five out of ten on the Despertaferres Scale of Watching enjoyment. Please note that this was a desperate attempt to encourage our blog sites transitioning to social categories A and B. We shall see if the pop up adverts will shortly be changing to foreign holidays, investment portfolios and quiche, rather than Duct-tape and weight loss pills. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

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