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L’art de la Guerre- Learning Curve

Life isn’t a single win at all costs game. Rather, it is a whole series of linked games where it really does matter how one played the game. The trick of winning is therefore to learn from your mistakes. You need to want to win and a will to win does not mean you should cheat or throw a tantrum. Who am I kidding, Don McHugh’s Bristol Bash was awful……

Game number one was Fry! Hidden in at least fifteen boxes was a whole wagenburgs of Hussite wargwagons. No one brings warwagons……..Fry brings warwagons……Fry brings warwagons, flail armed heavy Hussites and a bloody ambush…

My regular reader will remember this mans affection for ambushes and I fell for it again. My Spaniards went to investigate and sure enough, the Bohemian knightly host…

Please notice the causaulties , first blood to my Aragonese lights. However, the Hussites weren’t going to stay in the village and my knights weren’t coming forward to attack the moveable fortress.

Surely my Aragonese swordsmen could hold? Unfortunately, not. Even my levies ( wolves) couldn’t stem the onslaught. Fry  was triumphant on the wing with minimal heretic losses.

Not a complete disaster but maybe I should I have dismounted. A wall of warwagons with heavy foot behind was a daunting prospect for my Aragonese mercenary Knights. And then, every players dream, it was announced that round two would be against McGlynn and his Hungarians, deep joy!

I wonder where he got the inspiration for the Cardinal of Mainz warwagon?

The evil genius had scoured every games workshop store for this lot. Elite Knights (elite, impact), Light horse ( elite), handgunner said ( you guessed it, elite) It was time to find a valley and let the Hungarians do the attacking…..

Both my flanks held under the Wurzel’s attack but the real clash would be in the centre. A suspiciously large number of Hungarian Knights drove my mercenaries back. My fatal error was committing my general staff and the loss of my commanders was fatal.

The demise of Juan the Bad left me defeated. Day two and I would be facing the poor man’s Santa, Dave Allen. 

I didn’t want to attack his Irish hedgehog formation and again I underestimated the aggression of my opponent. His Knights and archers fancied trying to shoot my static almughavars on the left. Dave fancied using his two handed weapons against my mercenary horsemen. It was carnage…

Mutual destruction and both of us were glad of the rest! Nearly sixty dead units between us! A early samurai army was last up and it was led by Mulan. I think the weekend was cursed!

We sent a large number of Japanese to their demise and even reached the baggage but we crumpled in the very last turn. A great weekend, my thanks to Don and Colin for a great two days but I will never field Spanish, ever again! A well deserved last place( ouch)


  1. James C

    Maybe with a bot more practice….20 or so years perchance? I guess the only way is up, still up!


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