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L’art de la Guerre – Lord of the Highlands and Islands?

Computer elbow it’s called. Don’t waste time explaining how to do something, why not just elbow them aside and you do it!? It’s 1160 and Lord David ‘ the pastie’ Cameron intends staunching the flow of underfed Lowland Scots that have just paddled down the coast to Berwick. The culprits are of course those Highland ruffians, descendants of Viking raiders, that are busy burning and looting through Caithness.

The expedition across the Scottish border, commanded by my goode self, was drawn from list 176. Feudal English. Like many of the Feudal lists, the army benefits from knights, some good quality spears and a small number of longbowmen. I was attacking so needed an open field and the throw of dice was in my favour…

Almost all the terrain went off to the flanks and my knights were already issuing their challenges to the great unwashed host before us. The island warriors may have their two-handed axes but lances are just so much more modern.

Welsh spearmen held the marsh and their compatriot longbowmen held our left.

The stout yeomen of England may have more to fear from the Islemen axes!

The wily Mark McFry had left his left, unguarded against my nobles! Could the great man have erred? Not a chance! It would be a very unwise general who would move forward with the chance of a flank arch collapsing his flank. I advanced😳

He hadn’t forgot! The wee crofts were full to the Trussocks with Galwegians! Mc Fry had been busy recruiting those georgious Claymore Casting miniatures and getting them painted by Wee Jimmie. Before you could say ‘ Burnes nicht’, the Galwegians were out of the hamlet and careering towards my Welsh.

My longbowmen let loose a few shots and then retreated behind the spearmen in the marsh. They were hastened on their way by a few Highland archers ( a nasty surprise to the unwary)

Hold your Haggises! The Wyyrd Sisters are saying that medium swordsmen get to keep their impact for being impetuous? They will make short work of Sheep herding North Waleans! The Welsh not just held the bog but before long there were ominous gaps in the crofters line….

The keen eyed will note that the defence of the bog had lined Mc Fry’s own flank for a turning! Now a knight charging, that’s proper “impact!”

The Highlanders still came forward in the centre but the English foot were holding! To the North of the knightly host, a Mounted sergeant unit attacked the baggage and the battle was won!

It had been a memorable clash. Armies that are matched historically do tend to give such blood- thirsty encounters! My thanks to Mark for a great game.

“Ugg, We was a robbed! Never truste a Welshie in die Bogge!”


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