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What could possibly go wrong?

I was watching a clip of Peter Hitchens, the Mail on Sunday columnist, discussing his book The Abolition of Britain.His description of the Conservative Party’s enthusiasm for the First World War was chilling. Churchill in particular was named as a motive force in propelling Britain into this disasterous war. Could it possibly be that Churchill actually enjoyed war. Are we guilty of this too? Thank the Lord that the situation is much clearer in 2018 than in the Summer of 1914…Britain must not stand idly by whilst Syrians are being murdered, we must join in!

My regular reader will be aware of my great admiration for Jeremy Corbin but can he be wrong in the case of Syria? Wouldn’t more bombing actually help the Syrians? Can we afford to let the Sword of Islam faction suffer such an outrageous chemical attack. Can these staunch allies of the West not know all about the use of poisonous gas? Perhaps we could ask their Kurdish neighbours about gas attacks. Who could have possibly known that the Sword of Islam group contained extremists?

Thankfully the Saudis are in agreement with our policy. Let’s hope the Saudi pilots can continue their pinpoint bombing accuracy that they have learnt in Yemen peace keeping missions.

Adding more British, French and American arms into the situation is obviously going to stop the violence! I really do believe that taking these modern weapons away, could actually escalate the problem. Why not sell the weapons to stop even more countries into the market/ war zone?

If you are a dictatorship how can you not arm yourself to the teeth. Without weapons, who knows what could happen? Let’s not find out?

What is the worst that can happen? Please contact the Prime Minister immediately to assure her of the wisdom of bombing Syria.

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