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L’art de la Guerre- Prince Lazar rides again!

The battle of Kosovo in 1389 must rate amongst those battles of history that have taken on a significance far beyond a post note in history. Like the Boyne or the Alamo, these battles are still alive in the minds of many. With Dave’s Welsh-Turkish parentage, he was an obvious choice for the seventy year old Sultan Murad Hudavendigar. Despite my love of Turkish cuisine, I had to content myself with the role of every Serb nationalist’s hero, Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic. Brought up on my brother in law’s tales of the gallant Serbs of Kosovo in modern times, it is difficult not to identify with a young charismatic brilliant leader of men. Type-casting?

The army of Prince Lazar

Corps One: Competent commander Lazar

Four Heavy Knights- elite and impetuous

Two Serbian Hussars- elite and impact

Corps Two: Competent commander, Vuk Brankovic

Four Heavy Knights – again elite and impetuous

One heavy cannon

Two Serbain hussars- elite and impact

Six Serb and Croat bowmen.

Corps Three

Competent commander – King Turtko the First of Bosnia

Four Bosniac Swordsmen

Four Heavy Bosnian Knights- elite and impetuous

Two hussars- elite and impact.

Aetius comments, absolutely brilliant choice! Heavy immobile artillery with troops that you can’t control. A better choice of impact hussars, fast enough to catch those blessed akijis and able to gain an advantage in combat. Elite is a life saver when factors are low and lights only take two hits. There is hope for you yet! 300 points of rock hard vengeful troops, what’s not to like? 

Army of Murad the First.

Commander in Chief- competent 

Two Qapukulu- heavy cavalry, bow, lance and elite!

One Turkoman Light cavalry bow and elite

Four Janissary units- medium sword, bow and elite.

Two Voynuks- heavy swordsmen , armour and two handed cutting weapons

Four azab ‘the batchelors’ bow units.

Corps Two and three

Competent commanders- Yakub and Bayezid

Each Corp of two Siphahis elite bow armed cavalry and two heavy cavalry elite

Each corps with four light cavalry bow, those nasty akijis Raiders.

Agul advises, ” may the fruit of your benevolence shine over a million fried chicken restaurants!” A brilliant combination of super expensive Jannisaries that travel at a different speed to the Voynuks. Heavy cavalry are a wise purchase but are in danger if caught by the fanatical charge of the infidel.

Your wisdom is legendary in choosing the two handed cutting weapon whose bite will cause even a man like Gordon Jaimieson to wince! With everything mobile and with a bow, time is on our side. I do wish we had wargwagons or entrenchment just in case the charge connects with our superlative and confident warriors for the religion of peace.

The battle begins in tomorrow’s exciting episode. The Despertaferres organisation is grateful to Casa Mir, Kebabjoint and fine dining ( quality at a price you can afford),Canton for their support in the making of this battle report.


  1. Aetius, Last of the Romans

    What have you done with that lovely Serbian army!!!

    It should all be max Hvy Knights impetuous elite & max LC impact elite … that is a real Balkan basher!!!

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