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Narnia – Spring is coming…..

“Please don’t try to run, we’re tired and we’d prefer to kill you quickly!”

Vardan, Jadis’ secret police, Narnia

Raised for the purpose of intimidation, reconnaissance and spying, these are the first miniatures for my second son’s Narnia collection. Most infamous for chasing that arch- traitor Tumnus, these wolves of the White Queen’s secret police are the latest attempt to brainwash my sons into collecting minis. 

They are based for Hordes of the Things ruleset. If you haven’t come across this set yet then search it out. It can be used for all fantasy genres and gives exciting and not too mentally taxing games. The listening tree auxillaries may be a challenge but there are so many suitable minis out there, we should be spoilt for choice. The films and books are favourites with my two so it may work…..

For the true Narnia fanatics who maybe wondering where Maugrim the chief policeman is? Well, he fell off the spraying tray and has just been recovered from under my wife’s kickboxing punchbag😝

Thanks for reading.

Long live the Queen!

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