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Caput Porci- War is declared!

It’s 350 A.D.and Constantius II wants to control more terraferma and ensure a faster route to the salt works at Commacchio and Cervia. So, war is declared on Magnentius of the Western Empire using a border squabble as a dispute.

Trouble had been brewing between the Huns and Ostrogoths for months now. When Theoden of the Ostrogoths had compared the head of Agul the Huns to a over-ripe pumpkin, blood was needed to avenge the insult. If it’s one thing a Hun is sensitive about, it’s his cranium!

My hundred  points of Huns (L’art de la Guerre) entered from the North near Vincenza. The bullying Ostrogoths careered onto the table, sensing an easy victory as their prey was neatly hemmed in by fields. Theoden did not restrain himself. A few arrows from the Hun mounted archers and the Ostrogoths were upon the Hun subject foot.

The Ostrogoth bowmen stopped the circling Huns in their tracks. Agul decided to move to the other side of the battlefield as the furious Gothic horse closed.

Agul would forever more be known as Agul the Pumpkin. The first phase of Constantius’ plan had worked. With his Northern provinces cleared of the Hunnic nuisance, the Eastern Empire could advance southward on the salt mines.

The Western Empire would need their prayers. A scratch force was marshalled at Ravenna and prepared to resist. The few defeated and dejected Huns arrived in the nick of time to bolster the defence.

The two sides met at Comachio on the coast road. The Hun foot cowers on the right wing as Constantius places his vicious, and victorious allies , on the left. Would history repeat itself?

The Eastern Romans quickly moved forward in the centre to occupy the orchard. Reasoning that my Hun allies weren’t strong enough to hold on the right, I sent my armoured horse archers and auxilia to attack on the left.

Without any threat to his left, or indeed centre, Dux Lane and his cataphract reserve were ready.

My assault was running out of steam. The Easterners brought their legions forward in the centre and these were matched by my own, more virtuous, ones.

The infantry lines fought to a standstill whilst on my left casualties mounted. But ominously Theoden Lowrie was back cutting through the Huns.

The Western Empire would need more and tougher allies! The war continues even if the first two battles had been lost. Our salt is ours!

One day mini campaigns are great fun and hopefully we can reconvene soon to fight the Westerners’ response. My thanks to Mr Lane for the use of his exquisite collection and Mr Lowrie for giving us a reminder of the beauty of fast Knights! The campaign map is to be found in Extra Impetvs number three, a veritable feast of good ideas for mini-campaigns like this one.

Thanks for reading!

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