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Hussars de la Morte

IiIicPainting Napoleonic uniforms deters many would-be collectors of miniatures. Can the Despertaferres spraycan and washes ™ method deal with those darlings of any Napoleonic army, the hussars? Well, see what you think…..

The Wargames Foundry, Mark Coppelstone, Seven Years Wars figures are superb miniatures and full of character. I had originally bought them to represent Spanish Hussars but that army has lone since gone to the denizens of Fleabay. General d’Armee Wargames rules sent me off to reappraise my French collection, planned with Lasalle and Blucher in mind. For the pecuniary challenged I warn you, the unit sizes are big in General d’Armee. Fourteen miniatures game me a “small” unit in games terms but also provided two A.D.C.s.

The unit was among the volunteer corps raised at the beginning of the Revolutionary Wars but what wargamer worth his salt can resist black and silver hussars. Two companies were raised in 1792 and later these were intended to join the 13th Chasseurs a Cheval along with the Equality Hussars. Eventually after administrative delays, the ‘Death Hussars’ joined the 14th. In 1793 General Dumourier organised several other companies, wearing similar dress but with mixed black-and-White braid, white skull-and-crossbones on the upper sleeves of the dolman and pelvises, black cuffs, red waistcoat, white sash with black barrels, black sabretache with white edging, bearing the skull-and-crossbones and motto; La Republique une et indivisible ou la Morte; black over white plume and white sheepskin. The best single reference I found was the Histoire et Collections, ‘French Hussars’ volume one. The classic standby volume for this period is by Philip Haythornwaite and Christopher Warner, ” Uniforms of the French Revolutionary Wars ( quoted above)

Black undercoat, a wash of null oil and several shades of grey were included in my palette. Embarrassingly the sabretache skull transfer is from my Flames of War spares box. The standard is Argenteau’s at Rivoli , rationalised by imagining that this was perhaps a unit attached to divisional headquarters.

Thanks so much for reading. Godendag gossip and Bolt action news this weekend!

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