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Re-live your childhood with the Tercio!

Growing up in the Seventies didn’t have much to attract the modern child. Play schemes and “fun” pubs had yet to be invented but, without anxiety counsellors and play managers , we were happy. I still have the scars on my legs and hands to proove the fun and frolics we got up to. To the casual viewer, the photo below shows just a typical  example 70s bad-taste. When the whole world was at war, why not bring up children with fascistic representations of violent patriarchy?

But you and I know better! What an opportunity for two,  or was it three kids to have their own military go-cart! Sure the tracks came off, and sure it didn’t go very fast, but you enjoyed yourself. Cardigan Bay flats, Penarth was always safe with such heavily armed children. We didn’t self harm, we didn’t suffer from anxiety because our world was full of adventure and honest fun. We also had a healthy dose of television propaganda in the form of Action-man adverts. Set in realistic terrain, our miniature heroes came to life. As attribute to such adventures of by-gone times I present below the latest work from my eldest son. 

These are part of the latest clip together 40k models. My son left a few heads to be able to turn but frankly the fact that their heads would move of their own volition was freaking me out. We used an Army painter blue spray and the fantastic washes, sold ready mixed from the Workshop. They even sell the highlight blue ready mixed. I’m such a fan of Workshop products , my only reservation is whether you go into a store in Cardiff or Poole the staff hit the young customer with the same hard sell to get the next bigger starter set. They have a great product and a knowledgeable workforce, lay off on the set script. These revivers and intercessors should see action this weekend in sunny Norfolk so until then , adieu!

Ps if you love stylish photos of 40k the why not visit imperialrebelork blog! Scarily good (literally)

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The wild ramblings of an infamous wit and wargames guru. One of nature's true gentlemen who devotes his time to the care of his two sons, i.e. watching episodes of Peppa Pig together, and recreating great moments of military history using toy soldiers. Currently a leading light in The Collectivo Despertaferres wargames and duelling association who meet regularly at Firestorm Games ( formerly Ali Baba's Carpet Warehouse). Find me also on Facebook "Despertaferres"!


  1. Louen

    Oh you most likely correct about the 3D printing, my friend.
    I’ve stopped buying tanks and vehicles because I can just print most of them myself.
    So far I’ve got over 200 FoW tanks – the only reason I’m able to field a hige Desert Rats Swarm army.
    And over 80 tanks/trucks/guns for Bolt Action.

    There are also lots of prints available for WH 40k – even for infantry (with okay success).

    But tje pest part is that most print files are free!

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