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Sunday Round up (without Monday Morning Blues)

It’s been a productive week hobby wise. Nevermind the six miniatures a week minimum, we’re up into the low forties. Even The Despertaferres Jugend have been painting this week ( next week’s article😥). First off I finally managed to get these Armenian hillmen finished. I know they are three weeks too late but I am rather fond of them. They are the new style ” chunky” Gripping Beast style ( from the Timurid range and the same sculptor I would think as the Teutonics) I love this style but I know the majority of you perhaps prefer the more “realistic/older style”. Great minis and on the large scale. My only gripe is the shields are of the impossible to stick variety. This is the only area where plastic wins hands down.

The second photo reminds me of my brief flirtation with Impetvs rules. If my reader has any experience of these rules I’d love to hear from you. The armies are so damn cute and 100 point L’art de la guerre is the flavour of the month. Hold tight for the start of the Fall of Rome mini campaign ” Caput Porci” and a rare Despertaferres victory.

The next lot to get painted are from the Donnington New Era range. Damion got me to draw some initial sketches for this range s o I admit I’m a little biased. But, the figures are gems. They are as close to Xyston as you are likely to get. 18mm high and stocky. All these had weapons attached but I’m not looking forward to attaching the spears and lances to the next batch. Great minis and available singly. I’ve painted these as Gascons for the Hundred Years’ War. These beggars are two years late for Godendag 2015! Thanks for reading, 40k, Fall of Rome and Black Powder American Civil War so keep in touch.

Keep painting and let me know what is on the table. Hopefully Mike Lane will be showing his Afghan Wars collection soon!

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