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Devizes 2017 Post Script

Sometimes everything just goes right! My last game at the Devizes L’art de la Guerre competition was against his highness Mr Unwin and his Saxon/Viking host. Look closely at how Mr Unwin relies surreptitiously on the cabal of Richard and Mark “Morrissey” Clarke.

Despite the constant barrage of abuse and clandestine “advice”, I was finally pitted against an army that mine was designed to fight. Too many arduous garrison duties made the Byzantine foot less than enthusiastic but the general’s bucellarii retained the best of “Roman” training. My skirmishers held back the Vikings emerging from the trees. My Slavs were ready to fight on the refused left wing.

This rule system does reflect and reward historical tactics. Andy reinforced his skirmish line to clear my delaying forces. But the dice gods were with me and Andy’s losses began to mount. In this game the loss of a skirmish unit is just as valuable as a “teeth-arm”.

Before our centres met, my cavalry wing charged in after delivering a storm of arrows. The disrupted Saxon foot were taking a lot of hits but foot can take more hits than cavalry. Although armed with lances , their bows allowed the elite Roman horse to disengage from disadvantageous combats. But that was not before one squadron past through the enemy line and headed for the baggage.

Finally a victory! It had been a great weekend. I look forward to the show every year but this year had been exceptional. All thoughts are now for Virtus 2017 on the 9th and 10th December. Before that we have a mini tourney on the 5th August, Caput Porci! Thanks for reading! Pictures of this week’s projects up tonight- God I love the holidays!

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