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Attack 2017 The Art of War

My regular reader will know that competition time means nervous energy throughout the house. Will the army be ready? Have I packed all my stuff? Have I fed the cats? Have I left food out for the children!? Will my opponents be happy, amiable characters like myself or millimetre measuring toxic fun-suckers…..? But, no such worries with Devizes Wargames Show. Phil “man’s man☺️’ Mackie runs a tight ship and everything fell into place magnificently.

 First up, Mr Irving and his Sassanid juggernaut! If the kettle men aren’t bad enough, then look at those bloody elephants. I held my heavy infantry back and sent my heavy cavalry off to face the cataphracts threat on the right and hopefully roll up his centre.

Aetius asks…..why did you do that you donut, his cataphracts are only plus one, yes, but they are elite and have heavier armour than you…

It was getting hot behind the Byzantine lines as the cavalry battles want back and fore …..

I told you that would happen…..why have you held back your quality infantry and let your bowmen get caught in the open.

With my right wing horsemen struggling, the infantry refused to budge. Too much decadence in old Costantinople hey old Aetius?

“If only your brain was as wide as your belly!” 

Timed out- constant tea drinking had lulled mr Irving into a relaxed attitude towards time…….it had cost a lot but Byzantium had survived round one. Dino next with his Tribal Mongolians. These had been my nemesis at my last tournament. Dino may give the impression of a gin soaked lush but scratch that Serbo- Croatian skin and there beats the heart of ruthless commender of little lead men..

The lance armed heavy Mongols could shoot my legions down and then charge in.

But, to my left Dino had seen my left flank in the air.

F.F.S.! Why didn’t you dice for a coast to close your flank or put your Slav medium swordsmen in wood?

You have to dice for a coast and I failed the roll. My Slavs are in the plantation on the other flank. I tried to bring my heavy horse back from the other flank but, even with a brilliant commander, they could not save the left.

When every one shoots, demoralisation scores soon accumulate.The Emporor may have lost the East! Narses may need to leave the hareem  and attend to round three…

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the news that shocked the West Country Wargames band era and made myself the greatest Welshman since Neil Kinnoch

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