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Bank holiday Blues…


The family are together, the election is being discussed……time to visit the man-cave. My regular reader will know that the boxes of miniatures are very much reduced. Two parcels are on the way so more room is needed. It was twenty years ago that I decided on a “basing style”. It was a bit OCD , or Maoist, at the time but I wanted every unit in the collection to be identically based. Twenty years on and the creamy yellow I decided on is beginning to grate. The answer is to be found in the massive sand box in my garage. Don’t ask me what is in it, it is the accumulation of cat litter, sharps sand, sand pit remnants and modellers scatter. Add the fondry trio of base shade and we have the new evolution. First up, basing my Scottish and French medieval command groups. 40mm circles give you just enough room for a small diorama. See what you think, I won’t be offended😤😁😡 The French and Burgundians are bound for eBay. My Scots and Spanish armies are nearly ready for there own page. Thanks for reading- have a great “what’s left of” the bank holiday!

A Florentine standard gets eggs thrown at it by irate republican boy!



Almughavar command for sale!

Franco-Scottish command groups

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  1. No games for two weeks I’m afraid. Painting and selling like a demon tho!
    Got two units of dragoons and one of hussars to boost my napoleonics. No one plays Over the Hills amongst my lot. I may have to seek out the next demo game at a show?
    What you painting at moment?


    • Louen

      Attempting to paint two Samurai warbands for Test of Honour, but I’m afraid I’m not creative or talented enough to get right…
      I have to reduce my stacks of unread rulebooks and mounts of unassembled plastic miniatures, as well. Will have to sit down and sort through the stuff and start listing them on ebay.

      Even though my kids are in danger of being crushed by the lead and plastic mount, whenever they walk into my closet or garage, I couldn’t resist taking advantage of Warlord Games’ 50% off sprues sale today… worst addiction ever… 😤

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      • Plastic! Can’t deal with the stuff! Selling like a demon to finish napoleonics and get competition armies ready. Must get moving on the French cavalry today!


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