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Old Hammer? Let my people free?

Can there be any sadder programme than Hoarders? Unfortunately, I’m hooked. Could it be that I find a morbid fascination in those poor souls surrounded by their amassed squalor? Could it be that the programme has a certain resonance!? Aren’t we wargamers notorious for our ” collections”?

Well, I’m ploughing through the accumulated detritus. Eight parcels so far have been sent off and the post office worker is still suppressing his desire to laugh when I answer his query as to what’s in the boxes? ” Model soldiers” I sheepishly reply and shuffle out, sweating. The feelings so far have been mixed. The models below have been in boxes for best part of twenty five years. Most were bought with my student grant. I wish I can say that they were involved in a huge number of great games but thruth be told, my regular partner at the time never got round to painting any ( and he still hasn’t!😡). So the fantasy armies are rolling out on eBay and the pain isn’t too bad. I may feel different if my resolve holds and I start selling my Flames of War, Boltaction and Musket and Tomohawks. More photos on the “pages” under Warhammer. Thanks for your support in this difficult time for any gamer……


  1. Ann

    Wow, and I thought my hobby space was messy. 🙂

    Cute guys, enormous heads! At the risk of being a little, er, indelicate I have to say I thank my stars I was not born a dwarf!

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    • Outragious I can’t claim that mess- I can now even see the floor in my Mancave!
      Good point about the styling- my new plan is to collect the whole army all at once so that the style is all the same. Got to admit I’ll miss the old gnomes!

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