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Easter “Progress”

My Easter holiday ends today and thought of the mind numbing monotony of Monday to Friday are approaching. But this Easter I can’t complain about gaming time. A whole weekend at Milton Keynes and no less than three other games over the holiday period. My current average is one win every three games but who’s counting 😫. With die Kaiser preparing for a North Korean invasion, in the woods to the north of Merthyr,  it was time to concentrate on proper wargames, involving toy soldiers and not the cold….nor the dark…..nor anything uncomfortable really.

Newbie Giac was eager to see what all the fuss was about with the L’art de la guerre ruleset. A new development championed by the Barkley Vale crew is LADG 100. You get a free general and a hundred points of troops. We halved the compulsories and the maxima. It does severely limit your choices but the armies are so cute.

It is also very quick! We both had Patrician Romans. My Gothic horse struck Giac’s cataphracts and gained the upper hand. Alongside these my barbarian foot bested the degenerate legionaries of Giacs force. But, and there is always a but, on the flanks my army was in trouble.

My Huns were struck by Roman equites. Giac was intent on completing a Gladiator style assault on the rear of my barbarian foot. To add insult to injury, on the other flank Giacs horse charged into the brush and slaughtered my regular horse archers. The boy is definately learning. Suffice to say that he will never be invited back to my house😡

Now my regular reader will recognise this fellah. He’s been a bit quiet recently but he made it to Firestorm Games last Tuesday. In order to continue with my theme of financial restraint in 2017 I was looking to see if my fanatic Berbers could brave Big Don ‘s Feudal and Medieval bash in Mid May?

The answer is a sort of qualified yes. I went for the Elite spearmen and held them back. The hills and brush on the flanks was full of javelinmen and medium swordsmen. Obligingly Chris sent his Free company foot into the terrain to root them out. Meanwhile my elite spearmen managed a short advance to skewer his mounted corps. A victory for the Berbers but I’m not convinced….I may have to borrow his Swiss for Bristol.

Last but not least I played that gentlemen of the green cloth, Mike Lane. I decided against my Huns and decided to raise Central Asian City state troops to best Mike’s Persians. The idea was one that I had seen many years ago when a Saladin player at Godendag had to face the DBM super troop of the Nineties, the shooty cavalry. I raised a whole corps of bowmen. They can shoot better and further than mounted horsemen. The mounted get “impact” in the open burst I get an advantage in the first round of melee too.

Mikes troops are always a joy to behold. Two elephants and cataphracts added to my joy!

Would the Sogdian bowmen hold. Being so cheap I could also afford elite cavalry of my own.


On my right wing my heavy horse managed to avoid Mikes elephants and unhorse a number of Persian invaders. My left wing light horse were driven off in short time exposing my levies.

The city state would be paying tribute to the Sassanids I’m afraid. It’s time to invest in Khurasan miniatures Late Romans I think…..

My thanks to all my opponents. It’s the return of Flames of War next week plus more Warhammer painting from my understudy son.

Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Mark Fry a man with a single instinct ... survive Boot Camp!

    Sounds like a fun Easter Mike … but think hard about all those Easter Bunnies you missed out on, as you sat indoors on the hottest, sunniest Easter since last year.

    This week I am mostly paint … 6mm Future War Commander … yes folks it’s only a few weeks before FWC Boot Camp.

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  2. Mark Fry a man with a single instinct ... survive FWC Boot Camp!

    True, true, a different kind of holy light shines upon you Welsh (or so I’ve heard)

    My next 100pt LadG army will be post 1100 Welsh … as we are finding MF & archery/shooty type infantry do very well @ 100pts. In fact – mixed units are especially nasty – hence why I am considering painting up that Robert the Bruce Highlands & Islands army (but the thought of all that tartan is daunting … even in 28mm).

    So come on Mike … what are you using at Don’s BIG bash???


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