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War toys?

I’m not responsible! My wife wasn’t keen on my sons following their dad into the world of toy soldiers. It’s not my fault! My “father” bought “me” a train set , I hated it. My wife believes in the naughty step, I believe in shouting and threats. I’m not to blame! I cheer when the Nazi tank gets blown up in the film. I well up when the redcoats sing the Men of Harlech as the native Africans attempt to highlight issues of cultural and economic imperialism. My sons have discovered wargaming….
It may be the twenty fifth anniversary of Games Workshop’s Space Marines but I have never even played 40K. I admit to collecting the fantasy miniatures but the chapters of the Imperium were before my time. One must admire the staff of the local Warhammer store. My eldest son got an invite from his school Warhammer club to visit the store. Within an hour, both my sons had been shown how to construct and then paint their first mini. My wife looked strangely perplexed. I thought it best to suppress any smile.

With alcohol for Dad, Sunday flew by!

A weekend of glueing and cutting. My sons blocked the colours in and then washed the pre-mixed colour over the base. A drybrush of light blue and they were done. Now all I need to do is tackle the rulebook. My own experience of school wargames clubs leads me to believe that a knowledge of the rulebook is not wholly necessary but that’s true of “adult gaming too. Thanks to the much maligned evil empire of Warhammer, I now have wargaming sons. Bless you Warhammer!


  1. Louen

    Wow, their first work is already impressive!

    You’re lucky, the little interest my 14y old shows for miniatures is limited to Star Wars: X-Wing…
    Her younger sister is even less interested and I’ll have to wait another 8 years before my youngest two would be old enough for this…

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    • Have you thought of adopting?

      I think it was always going to happen with my two – they better not get a job in the industry as it may lead to divorce!


  2. Mark

    Indeed …. we love to hate GW but if it brings some younger blood into the hobby it cannot be all bad (or can it!). The trick now is to get them onto evilBay and show them the benefit of buying their GW models at a 10th of the store price … from the 9 out of 10 who start & then give up!
    I know 3 or 4 chaps who are in the ‘industry’ and make a seriously good living out of it … a certain pair of Perry twins come to mind … both very happily married and both wives associated with their businesses or at least have an interest in historical reenactment … hope for all aspiring young men there.

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    • You really have missed vocation- wise words as always sensei Fry! Good tip about Fleabay- I fancy those Chinese 30k rip offs/ imitations.
      The plan is to get the buggers into historicals via “projects”. I thought to construct the Mary Rose whilst die Kaiser thought it would be nice to make a V2 rocket launch set😡😢


    • Again great idea but didn’t it sink shortly after? Preliminary submission of request for permission to attend his Donness’ Bristol BASH HAS NOW BEEN SUBMIITTED TO DIE KAISER😅😅😅😓😀👯 medieval portugal😫😿


  3. Mark

    My fingers are crossed* for your attendance at his Donness’s event … no doubt you will have to pay some terrible penalty devised by Her Kaisership … what will it be I wonder? A Saturday shopping trip to Cribbs Causeway (shudder) or taking the kids to “The Big Sheep”, “Digger World” or some other monstrous adult torture park!

    *Let us know soon … all this crossed-finger stuff is playing havoc with my figure painting!
    PS: not sure about my own army choice … I was wondering about Hussites, or Lithuanians (with Hussite Allies) or Hungarians (with Hussite allies) … you get the idea. But then again … Medieval Hungarian has a certain ‘ring’ to it … or maybe the full all-out glory of a later Serbian Empire force …
    Or even a Communal Italian … so as to try & out Don the Don himself!

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    • I’m going for more of the medieval Spanish lot that led to such glory last weekend. More missile troops though👯
      Romanian Franks would be my favourite if my overdraft hadn’t just overtaken Venezuelas national debt😫


  4. Mark

    Hmmm … there is always a Catalan Grand Company force … small (so cheap) but deadly & you’d also have an Iberian theme + a chance to model up a command base with all the commanders brawling with each other around a table strewn with maps & spilled wine … you know it makes sense!


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