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World War Three, Part three of three, Canada saves the day!

The final instalment of the exciting Slimbridge 6mm showdown, by Mark Fry D.C.A.

Canadian reserves, deployed in depth, with a Danish Mechanised Company advancing in support in column (right)



And so the afternoon wore on, the Canadian commander made some lucky command rolls and his reserves arrived and also came on-table in almost the optimum position for him, so the Soviet assault ground to a halt on the NATO minefields.

[15] Final Soviet bridgehead – with 3 pontoon bridges feeding armour and mechanised infantry across to the northern bank of the canal

On the far (coastal table) the Poles had pulled a cunning enveloping flank attack on the British – placing a T64 Tank Regiment into the rear flank of the dug-in Challenger tanks, which would have forced the Brits to fall back and redeploy.

[16] Interested onlookers pour into the gaming room, looking for a distraction following the outrageous result of the Welsh v France rugby match …

[17] and Yes dear reader … it is all over!


At that point a group decision was made to call it a day (especially as certain players had 3 hour drives ahead of them up the M6). With the Soviet artillery assets allocated for this offensive exhausted (for now) and a bridge-head established (all be it on a slightly tentative basis) it was deemed to be a winning draw to the Soviet forces. The Poles had done well, against extreme odds; at one point an antiquated 10 strong Polish T34/75 tank regiment was facing off against just 3 British Chieftains … but the Polish tankers ploughed forward to inevitable destruction … all for the sake of the greater good and glory!

NATO had held up well, especially the Canadians, and whilst Soviet losses were high, they were acceptable. NATO defensive doctrine had worked, although without the heroic defence of the ferry crossing by the Canadian infantry, things might have turned out for the worse.


The results of this inaugural game will be fed into a much wider CWC Landjut 2017 campaign being played across a number of clubs across the country and at various show (‘Joy of 6’ at Sheffield in June, for example) and will culminate in another 3 day event in Grimsby on 22/23/24 September.


Of course more forces will be required to compete in the campaign dear reader – the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a distinct lack of German forces in this report, both East & West, but sadly illness had struck down both our German commanders. And where – oh where – were those much anticipated American re-enforcements … especially the US 9th Infantry Division? More on them; and the 2nd Dutch Amphibious Group; and the West German airborne forces another time.

Our thanks to Mark and the Slimbridge lads for an excellent account of a nail biting game. The flags of the Danish Communist party will have to stay under the bed until next time! Join us next time when we go back to the English Revolution………

 The crowds gather at Firestorm Games last Saturday😖


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  1. Brilliant, there will plenty of Germans in future games I can assure you. East and West. The West in the shape of the 6th Pz Gren Div and the East in the shape of the 8th MSD “Kurt Burger” Division.

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