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L’art de la Guerre- Roll Call 2017

This was going to be so easy…..

Roll Call 2017

15mm Competition Rules : 200 point armies with standard sized 200 point tables of 120cm x 80cm. 

15mm Theme: – The 650th anniversary of the Battle of Navarette (where the English under the Black Prince and Don Pedro of Castile defeated the Franco-Castilians) – Any Army Valid in 1367 

List Deadline: 18th March 2016

I have more than enough figures. I could do the Franco-Castilians or the Anglo- Castllians. I have always loved this period, the Black Prince in Iberia, I mean what’s not to like? But, five days to the deadline for lists and I’ve hit what in more literary circles would be called list writers block. The Medieval Spanish list in the rulebook just doesn’t represent the forces involved in the battle and I really would like to bring along an army based on one of the combatants.

The problems include the fact that the Forces of Pedro the Cruel, with the support of the Black Prince, supposedly dismounted all his Knights. However, the Medieval Spanish list needs four units of impetuous knights so these will have to be in the Count of Foix’s command that counter attacked Henry IIs right wing. I was tempted to call the army an English army but that robs the list of the essential Spanish component altogether. I did think about the French side but my heart wouldn’t be in it. Although, crossbows I feel would be more effective against the preponderance of dismounted Knights. And now another thought has entered my head, what if the date of 1367 just means lists of Rajput elephants and Mongolian  horse archers? And you thought competition gaming was just champagne and dancing girls, I’ll have to finish the list tomorrow while the wife is at metal work class…


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  1. Mark

    Use the Free Company list mate … after all most of the troops on both sides were Free Company that went into Iberia to escape unemployment due the Truce of Malestroit (1343–1345) … cum’on you know it makes sense … at least use them as allies (at least I think you can do that????)

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    • That’s why I pay you so much! Would like some jinete things though to remind me of all those Spanish waiters who used to frequest Casa del Hobre!😝


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